What I’m Bringing to Europe: 16 Days in a Carry-On

What I’m Bringing to Europe: 16 Days in a Carry-On


Eek! I’m 4 days away from boarding my very first international flight and I am filled with excitement. It’ll be my first time every flying on an international flight on my own and traveling without knowing anyone which makes me so excited and kinda terrified. I know I’ll be fine, and this trip is a sense of self discovery for me. I’ve been doing so much research on what I want to see, what I want to bring and I’ve finally narrowed down what I’m bringing. In order to avoid not having my luggage with me so I’m only taking my carry on luggage, and a backpack with me as well. I just want the security of having my belongings with me lol (my boyfriend had his luggage lost when we went to California– it was a nightmare getting it back!). Pinterest is a god send in finding out what to bring and lovely graphics like the one I made above are huge reasons I’m making this post. I love these kind of graphics and they are so much easier to pin and look at for reference. So hopefully you like how it came out jsut as much as I do!

I’m definitely an over-packer, and I really want to avoid not being able to bring more things back when I come home. When I went to Costa Rica I brought so much with me and managed to bring quite a bit of stuff so i think I’ve conquered my luggage lol. I’m quite tiny so my clothes fit pretty much anywhere haha.

I absolutely love how the graphic above turned out, and I hope you all do as well!


I’ll be bringing 5 tops, I have two flowy tanks that will be easy to dress up or keep casual if need be, and in probably in neutral colors as well. Plus, a off the shoulder top since I’ve been obsessed with the off the shoulder look this summer and think it adds a nice touch to any outfit (besides, Iove my collarbone haha). I’lll also be bringing two nice little crop tops that I can wear with a cardigan and jeans for a more casual look thats also comfy. I almost have two crops that look identical to my graphic.


This is a given but I feel as though I have to mention this since I obviously will need Pajamas to sleep in lol, It will more than likely be bringing two pair of leggings and two of my love’s t-shirts ( boy shirts are so comfy!), and I’ll be bringing a bunch of socks since I have to sleep with them on haha


I’ll be bringing two pairs of shorts and two pairs of jeans both white and denim, just because I love white denim and it goes well with everything and with some jewelry it looks great. As far as denim goes, that’s a given as it’s comfy and as I’ll be doing a lot of walking the shorts will definitely be used more often that’s for sure!


Dresses are the best thing ever, simply because the less time I have to wear pants such as jeans means that I’ll be super happy. So I’ll be bringing two dresses, one in black, off the shoulder and one in a more fun summery print with lemons that is also off the shoulder and quite possibly my favorite dress ever. Yellow goes so well on my tan skin, and makes me happy 🙂


Now, I love rompers with all my heart. you get the best of both worlds: half dress with the comfort of shorts. I have a few cute ones that I’ll be bringing but i’m gonna try to limit myself to two, so I don’t bring too much.


Seeing that I get cold quite easily, I’ll be bringing a cardigan with me. I also have an excursion going up the Swiss Alps so I’ll be bringing a jacket that is light enough to fold but doesn’t take up too much space in my luggage.


As far as shoes go, I’ll be doing a lot of walking so comfort is key and I’ve bought a pair of black slip-on sneakers that I’ve broken in at work and they are so comfy! For two other options, I’ll be bringing a dressy pair of tie-up flats for nights out and for when I want to dress up a little bit. Sandals are also a necessity since it’s summer and I have a cute cognac colored pair I’ll be packing!


I have so many accessories to bring with me, such as jewelry, a solid hat, and two pairs of sunnies that I absolutely love. All in all, there’s not much to write since this category will probably be switched up by the time I actually leave haha as far as jewelry goes. The two sunnies I have look relatively close to the graphic.


I have two cross-body bags that I have for my trip, I’ve read so many articles that suggest keeping a bag close to you and never unattended.


24 Things To Do Before 24

24 Things To Do Before 24

It’s crazy to think in two years time I’ll be in my mid-twenties, with my adult life ahead of me, which is kind of crazy and a little terrifying. I never thought I would still not know what I what I wanted to do, or the fact that I’m not living in my own home at the moment nor am I in a full time job that I thoroughly enjoy. Up until this point I thought I wasn’t doing something right and I was a failure because I wasn’t doing anything that I thought I’d be doing but honestly I’ve come to terms with how everything has been going. I can honestly say I am genuinely happy with everything, and have learned to not be too hard on myself. Live and let live.

I decided to do a post like this mainly for my benefit, because I think it is so important to write down your goals for the year to come and what to work on in the year or years to come.

  1. Go back to school to get my Masters
  2. Buy a home (or start looking)
  3. Travel to Greece
  4. Spend a birthday in Vegas
  5. Travel more often in general
  6. Find a full time job in the meantime of going back to school
  7. Bake and cook more for my love
  8. Have a substantial savings account to buy a home
  9. Start a more healthy lifestyle & work out more often
  10. FINALLY see a Broadway play in NYC
  11. Learn how to make macaroons
  12. Learn more about Wine
  13. Be consistent with my blog
  14. Start more consistent fashion posts
  15. Read more frequently
  16. Invest in a better theme (which will be sooner than later)
  17. Live and let live
  18. Learn that it’s okay to not please everyone
  19. See my love’s Childhood town in NY
  20. Increase traffic to my blog
  21. Buy more makeup & have the storage for it ( Ie. Ikea Desk)
  22. Buy a new Lens for my camera
  23. Start a Youtube Channel
  24. Not let my anxiety get in the way of doing things in life.

I know many of these things may be little goals but I believe little goals are easier to achieve in the long run. I’ve already achieved so much and only want to grow within the next year, and having these few written down will hopefully make them set in stone!  I’m so excited for the road to 24 and bigger things for my blog <3 Hopefully some of you will keep up with me and my journey.


What are some goals you have for the next year? Let me know! I’d love to hear your goals <3

Liebster Award Tag

Liebster Award Tag


A couple days ago I was tagged for a Liebster Award by the lovely Danielle over at Danielle Tweedles. So go check her blog out as well! For those of you who do not know what a Liebster Award is, it’s basically a get to know me tag and gets newer blogs out there. Those of you who I tag, please comment below and link back your post so that I see it, or tag me on Twitter <3

Essentially answer the 11 questions you were tagged, tag 11 new bloggers of your choosing, and then create 11 new questions for them to answer<3



What is one thing you cannot leave the house without? I absolutely cannot leave without my phone, I used to not rely on it so much but now that I’ve gotten more into social media, it’s so hard not to be attached to it. I honestly blame Twitter! Lol.

What is your favorite brand of make up and why? This is such a hard question!, I have so many brands that I don’t have an absolute favorite, but if I have to choose It would be Anastasia Beverly Hills just because my Modern Renaissance palette is by far my favorite. 

What do you want to achieve in 2017? I would like for my blog to get more readers and officially have a set schedule, and I would like to travel more often. 

Other than blogging, what other hobbies do you have? Honestly, I watch a ton of Netflix haha I pretty much spend my time working and sleeping! I know, I know soo boring but if i said anything else I’d be lying lol

Do you have any strange or unique phobias? I wouldn’t call them strange or unique: I HATE clowns, and spiders. 

If you had to describe yourself using only 3 words, what would they be? Honest, Dreamer, Dancer

Given the choice of anyone in the world, who you would you want as a dinner guest and why? Oh god, I have a slight obsession with Marie Antoinette, mainly because I believe she was an extremely misunderstood woman in history and frankly I want to ask her questions about the political climate on the eve of the French Revolution (Can’t you tell I graduated with a Bachelor’s in History?! :P) 

Do you have a particular blogging subject that you favor?, either reading or writing? I definitely enjoy reading travel blogs but as far as writing it would be beauty blogging. 

What is your favorite piece of clothing you own? Has to be my black blazer with a pinstripe cuff, it by far has been the best purchase I’ve made, just because it dresses up any outfit and I can go from a day outfit to a night one. 

Do you have a favorite blogger who you aspire to? I absolutely love the Blonde Abroad, I literally love everything she posts. 

Have you got any interesting/amazing stories or facts about yourself that you would like to share? I was born in Panama and I understand Spanish and French pretty well, I grew up with Spanish and can understand it fluently. 


Here are the new 11 questions:

  1. What is your blogging goal for your blog?
  2. What made you create your blog?
  3. What is the one thing you can’t leave the house without? (I’m stealing that question)
  4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  5. What is your favorite book/Movie?
  6. What is your hometown like?
  7. What are your travel plans for the next year?
  8. What is your favorite memory?
  9. Given the choice of anyone in the world, who you would you want as a dinner guest and why? (I’m also using this one again, it’s such an awesome question!)
  10. Would you rather stay in and watch Netflix or Go out and have a night of dancing?
  11. How old are you and what are your goals before your next birthday?

I’ve Tagged (if you’ve already been tagged I apologize)













Apps That I’ll Be Using On My Europe Trip!

Apps That I’ll Be Using On My Europe Trip!




Considering that I’ll be leaving for Europe in 24 days, I started doing research on the most important apps to have while traveling especially ones that don’t require internet access. I’ll be constantly moving and I’m opting to not pay for an international data plan for a 16 day trip. So therefore, I’ll be relying on wifi. I am so excited to even be going to Europe so I want to try and stay off of social media as much as possible so I can fully enjoy my trip.


I know that this one is a given and it makes it easier to see the current exchange rate, and works offline as long as you add the currency prior to going offline and it stays current. This goes without saying, it’ll be a life saver.


This one, is also offline like all the others and makes it easier to download my favorite spots I want to check out in each city I’m in.  I thought it was awesome, in that it has maps with your pinned favorites, and you can also look up eating options which is also great.


This by far has been my favorite find, this app literally tracks your spending and you can put in your total spending limit for your trip, and then it calculates what your daily spending limit should be. It’s absolutely amazing and will make it so much easier to track everything. It is free for the first 25 items, and then you can make an in-app purchase to record unlimited items. You can even add different currency’s to show how much your spending in a given country if need be. This app is going to be a huge lifesaver!


Since I’ll be going in the brunt of tourist season unfortunately, I have heard that the lines are going to be super long and tedious, of course tickets can be bought online but this app cuts out having to go from site to site in finding things to do when I have free time outside of the group. It even has local recommendations on where to eat and where to go. I mainly want it for recommendations on places to eat when I have free time in each country.



This one is a given, but I’m definitely going to be using google translate, I’ll be in Germany, Italy and Switzerland so I’ll be using the camera function to be able to understand what is around me. I’m not so worried about France because I understand French and won’t need it too often. I think it awesome that they now have the camera function. I can download the language packs, and as long as you have them downloaded prior to going offline, then it can be used anywhere.






As per usual, Here’s my Ipsy bag for June! This bag was an especially good one, since I received an extra item even if it was a mask.  I had re-done the quiz part again last month after I received my May bag and they definitely listened!

I received:

NYX Professional Makeup: Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé in Cocoa Bean

BioRepublic SkinCare: Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask & Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Mask

Skone Cosmetics: Insanely Intense Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner

Trust Fund Beauty: Nail Polish in Game Changer

Luna By Luna Cosmetics: Eyeshadow in Jace

I won’t be going into depth about the products, simply because I haven’t tried any of them and if you guys would like me to review them and make a post I totally can!


Summer Wants: 5 Summer Pieces Every Girl Should Own This Summer

Summer Wants: 5 Summer Pieces Every Girl Should Own This Summer



It’s officially the best time of the year! Summer has arrived and it is definitely in full swing in Tennessee. I absolutely love this time of year and honestly it is so fascinating how trends change with each summer season. I’ve been doing so much online browsing because I can’t spend any money due to my Europe trip with Ef College Break (Which you can check out here to get a gist); and I’ve noticed a ton of re-occurring trends. All of which I am obsessed with. As much as I love all black everything, I’ve been branching out into the world of color and this spring and summer has reinvented my closet.

  1. Two-Piece Coordinates: I’ve been seeing two piece coordinating outfits everywhere in all patterns and colors. I think they are the cutest and are easy to dress up or down. The one in the graphic is from Zaful where they have a ton of different patterns and options to choose from with different price ranges and they all come in actual sets; so you don’t have to buy them as separates. I completely trust Zaful, as I’ve purchased a couple orders from them and I’ve always received each one.
  2. Tropical Prints: I’ve recently discovered a new online store called PrettyLittleThings and it is absolutely amazing. The website is similar to MissGuided and Lulus, with a ton of on trend clothing and relatively affordable. If I had money I would literally buy everything in sight, and I’ve had to have so much restraint when browsing.
  3. Tassel Earrings & Jewelry: I have seen this trend everywhere! and for good reason, they honestly look so good on everyone. You can find them anywhere, pretty much ranging from $5+ and in every color under the moon. I’ve seen so many cute ones on Baublebar for around $36. I tend to really like the fabric tassel earrings versus the beaded tassels. I especially love the ones I found Forever 21 for about $5.90, and they are a gorgeous orange which is my favorite color right now.
  4. Embroidery: I think that this trend is by far my favorite, I love me a good red embroidery but I’ve seen so many cool designs like this clutch. A clutch like this one honestly can dress up and add a pop of color to any outfit. Forever 21 has so many options, from shirts to bags and I want them all! The detailing of embroidery is beautiful and in my eyes so timeless.
  5. A Double Belt: This one has been all over Youtube and Blogs everywhere and I’ve seen it so much, that I want to buy one and as soon as possible. I’ve seen this one paired with so many outfits and it adds a little umph.

Are there any pieces you have seen that are a must have for this summer? Let me know in the comments below!





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Daily Skincare Routine

Growing up, I had acne and hardly ever took care of my skin and struggled with cystic acne more than anything which is a pain in the ass to begin with. I can always remember never being happy with my skin, as it scars extremely easy. When I say that I have literally used every acne product on the market and nothing ever worked..even Proactive. I mean it. My parents bought everything under the sun and it was so infuriating because I have sensitive, oily skin. Now that I’ve recently turned 23 I’ve been trying to focus on my skincare routine and once again, trying to find products that work are easier now that I can try more expensive products. Thankfully, my daily routine isn’t too expensive and I’ve found what works for me at the moment. My skin at the moment feels wonderful and blemish free to where I can finally feel comfortable without any makeup.


While I’ve said I have oily skin, the cleanser I use, was actually in my Ipsy bag one month (not sure which one) and even though this particular cleanser is meant for Normal to Dry skin, it honestly doesn’t dry my skin out, it is so clean and has a gelatin like substance. I absolutely love the fact that it doesn’t have a strong scent and is extremely gentle on the skin. The brand is H2O+ Beauty and the cleanser is 20$ which is absolutely reasonable. it is absolutely my favorite.

Another one of my holy grail skincare items so far is the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Treatment. This stuff is absolutely incredible! I will swear on this stuff up and down, and it’s ability to clear the skin within a day or two. I picked this up at ULTA and it was only 5$ to try it out, along with the body wash version for my boyfriend and that is also incredible. The fragrance is there, and the tingle makes the wash really feel as though it’s working and cleaning my skin. I definitely am picking up the bigger bottle up and possibly expanding into the entire collection.


Once, I’m done cleaning my face I use two products on my skin to keep it moisturized and that’s the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack hydrogel and the Dirty Works 3 in 1 Miracle Cream. Now, I will say this: I’m not entirely sure where to get the Dirty Works cream other than TjMaxx, they have a ton of that brand there and there’s always some of this stuff. I really enjoy the Miracle cream just because it is extremely hydrating and gentle on my skin with a hint of a fragrance. There’s not much to it other than the fact that I think it was like 5$ honestly.

The Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack hydrogel is a god send, I swear. No matter how tired I am it, if I use this right before bed; my eyes are not puffy or bloated underneath at all. It’s the most expensive of all the products minus my Vanity Planet bush at 16$. I really love how thick this product is and how smooth it goes on, other than that there’s also not much to say other than it definitely does what it’s marketed to do!


Now this is the most expensive part of my skin care routine and honestly the most worth it. I’ve been wanting the Clarisonic Mia for the longest time, and when I saw this Vanity Planet one on Hautelook for 25$ I had to have it immediately. The brush comes in a kit of three different heads that all clean the face differently and comes in a storage case. Normally the set costs about 129$ so now you know why I acted without hesitating! It is definitely rougher than the Clarisonic but if you let the brush kinda do its own thing then it is fine. Honestly in the meantime of not having the MIA the VP one does the job: and thats to keep me from touching my face with my hands when I go to clean my face. I’ve noticed by cleaning my face with this brush it has honestly helped in clearing my skin. Even though I do love mine, I’m glad I got it on Hautelook for a lower price, because it’s really not worth the 129$ they would normally want for it (although they have it now on sale on their website for $39.99 . I will probably end up getting the Clarisonic Mia just because it’s more compact and is more gentle on the skin, (this is still a great alternative!)