So this is a new type of review for my blog, since it isn’t fashion or beauty related but in some ways it is. I honestly felt like a light should be shed on this absolutely amazing company because really though; who doesn’t love the idea of cheaper prescription glasses? I would like to add that I purchased these on my own and in no way am I sponsored by EYEBUYDIRECT. 

    I stumbled across these guys when I was in a frantic bind because I lost my really nice prescription glasses on a drunken night in Nashville (Don’t judge me) and was desperately in need of glasses.

    I was a bit skeptical at first because the frames I had originally chosen were only 22$ i believe, I mean let’s be honest my Micheal Kors glasses almost cost me 300$ out of pocket even with insurance so when I found a site that could take my prescription and give me a pair of stylish frames I was literally all over it.

    I searched the site for a pair I liked and while they do have more expensive frames from their RFLKT line, I opted for a pair of neutral colored frames that weren’t too expensive and that I wouldn’t mind if they were to break at all.

    A lot of people are skeptical of buying these at home but I went to my old eye place and had them give me my prescription so I could get the correct lenses. To purchase these correctly, please go to a licensed professional to check your eyesight (don’t guess on your own lol).  The lenses were included in the price and if you need bi-focals or have worse eyesight, etc you can purchase those lenses at an extra cost.


    My main issue was the sizing,, because at a eye doctor they measure your pupillary distance so the glasses fit you correctly. They actually give you a digital ruler that you can print out to figure this out! as it is imperative that you know the distance as well as your measurements of your old glasses. I did’t have my old glasses (cause I lost them) but I was able to find the same pair online and it gave me its measurements.


    Unfortunately the first time did not work like a charm and I did start off with these and ended up returning them because they were way too big for my baby face. These were a stunning nude color and soo pretty; just way too wide for me. I was really upset. Thankfully they have a great refund policy and I was able to exchange them out for another pair I adore.

    Returns are allowed within the first 14 days and they can either be refunded or exchanged out for another pair and you’ll either receive the difference or pay for the difference of the glasses. You also get a one-time replacement in the first 12 months of having them which is awesome as well. The process of getting a hold of Customer Service was so easy and I just used the form on the website to get in contact with them, in which they sent me the return label and I sent off the pair that didn’t fit me and waited on ( I would add the link for them but they are now sold out and gone from the website! Sorry guys!)


    Overall it took 2 weeks to get to me which was fine because I’m a patient online shopper and understand that the mail has a world of its own lol as long as the Tracking number worked, I was fine. This company also ships internationally by the way! I’m super happy to say that and while it may be expensive for European countries for Australia and Canada it’s actually quite decently priced.


    They are also having a sale at the moment: BOGO which ends Oct 16, 2017 with the code bogo <3

    Happy shopping loves!

    Fenty Beauty Review!

    Fenty Beauty Review

    I’m so excited to share my opinions of the new Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation and The Fenty Killawatt Highlighter duo. This collection by Rhianna was released early September and literally took the beauty world by storm. Foundation is incredibly hard to get right and she managed to release 40 shades in the first release of her new line, which in itself was absolutely incredible. It is incredibly hard for darker skin tones to find inclusive shades and I’m so happy that it is now readily accessible and is a stepping stone to more and more shades to be created and for more lines to branch out.

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    Venice, Italy Photo Diary

    Hey lovelies, I am back again after a mini hiatus (if you can call it that) and officially blogging full swing again. I recently got a new job and now that it is an actual full time job it was incredibly hectic to actually find time or energy to post. It was honestly to the point where blogging felt like a chore and I felt like I HAD to blog and it honestly should never feel that way; it should continue to be fun and I should feel like I’m grasping for air on blog topics. With that being said, I’m super happy to be back with yet another photo diary post of my travels this past July. This time I’ll be talking about Venice, and this is just a snippet of all the photos that I have in my possession ( I have so much more!). I hope you all enjoy them and hope I am able to capture the precsence of Venice in my photos for you guys. I genuinely loved this city and had some apprehension about visiting because of the time of year; but it certainly won me over and my only wish was that we should have had more time in this city. I thoroughly enjoy writing these honestly because it makes me reminisce about my trip and I get to go back through all of my photos of each country. It makes my wanderlust even more rampant! So, Click below and see my 48 hours in Venice!


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    August Ipsy Bag!


    Yet again, this post is going up almost at the end of the month but once again I had so much going on this week and weekend that today was the only time I had to post it! Hope you guys enjoy the peek into my Ipsy bag!

    Ughhh this month’s Ipsy bag is soo good. The bag this month is all about good vibes, and a carefree attitude. There were three different bags and I received the Good Vibes Only bag which is the one I wanted and it’s by far my favorite bag (this one and July). I think after this month I’ll be reviewing and asking for some different things, such as no more eyeshadows because I have so many of these little guys’ especially from TheBalm. I love them, I just keep receiving different ones but I want more blushes, etc. The brush is soo soft, and is 14$ and is now a brush brand that I will be purchasing from in the future. I absolutely LOVE the Paula Dorf Brow pencil, it’s literally so smooth and creamy and blends like a dream. The brush and the eyeliner pencil alone, made this months bag well worth it for the 10$ I pay every month. Also, can we talk about how great my photos are starting to look, compared to what they used to look like?!

    First Aid Beauty: Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

    theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Willkommen

    SUGAR Stroke Of Genius Heavy Duty Kohl – 01 Back To Black

    Firma Beauty: 103 Angled Contour Brush

    Paula Dorf Cosmetics: Mini Universal Brow Pencil in Taupe


    If you wanna sign up make sure to use my referral link: Here to help a girl out with points <3



    Hello lovely’s, I’m back with another photo diary but this time it’s of Innsbruck, Austria. We only had about 2 hours in Innsbruck on our way to Venice, which was a bit unfortunate since I thought this city was absolutely beautiful and the people were so nice! I wanted to get lost in the city but by the time we managed to find an atm, took pictures, and got iced “coffee” it was already time to go. The weather was gorgeous and it was a blast walking around. The pictures below are a snippet of what I got to see in Innsbruck

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