About Me

Welcome! I created Ashleymarlenis as an outlet to bring my love for fashion & beauty into my life. My blog is the epitome of what I have always wanted, and it has continuously forced me to grow as a person. Ultimately after always reading someone other fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers and I wanted to finally create a haven of my own.I want to show all my shorter gals that you can wear whatever the hell you want, you just have to have the confidence to rock it! <3

I’m incredibly tiny and have always been self-conscious about my height up until I turned 21. I felt like I was the only one in the world that could be 4’11 (absurd I know!) and that was what it felt like the entirety of my teenage years. Thankfully I have grown to be comfortable with my height and have been pushing the trends and outfits that society says that shorter gals shouldn’t wear (yah girl loves high waisted harem pants & Maxi dresses) for the last couple years. AshleyMarlenis will be an outlet to showcase petite fashion so other shorter gals have some inspiration.

On AshleyMarlenis, you’ll find fashion, beauty and lifestyle related posts and if I’m lucky some travel posts as well!

You’ll see makeup related posts in form of reviews and hauls (and maybe a couple of eye looks— I have to work out the kinks of picture taking) as well as Lifestyle living posts about my every day ramblings and life in Nashville. I am hoping to work on a debt free post in the future about how I’m going debt free in a year which I am super thankful for.



These are a few of my favorite things (Sound of Music, anyone?):


I absolutely love cats, rose, Gin, Harry Potter anything, my lovely boyfriend Marc, my family, Nashville, techno music & Halloween (Oops…can’t forget Christmas!)


If you are a brand and would love to work with me please see my contact page and I would love to have a chat with you!