Hi, I'm Ashley!

Boy mama, Harry Potter Fanatic & always laughing.

I am a Hendersonville, TN based photographer that focuses on authentic, real moments in photography. I am a first time mama and am married to my best friend.

I have loved photographs for as long as I can remember, and believe they leave a lasting legacy with the people who keep them. Life moves so quickly and it is so important to pause and capture moments that will then last a lifetime. I love, love and it would be an honor to capture YOUR story.

When I am not taking photos, you can find me baking, watching Disney movies (or Harry Potter for the bajillion time) and spending time with family.

I'm a hopeless romantic and believe that there is someone out there for everyone and once you find them, never let them go.

Why Choose Me?

I am a firm believer in capturing true moments that showcase YOUR story. I absolutely love candid moments in photography and it is my job to get you comfortable in front of the camera and make sure your photos portray what makes you, you. I will be your biggest hype woman and supporter! Love is such a special thing and to be able to capture and preserve your love in the moment so you can look back on it; is truly an honor! 


  • I am a Gemini Sun and Libra Moon
  • I am 4'11
  • My Enneagram is a 2
  • I have two fur babies - Ranger who is a Goldendoodle and Mimosa who is the best kitty girl
  • I love a good True Crime podcast
  • I'm a hopeless romantic, my husband is my best friend and biggest supporter (I'll definitely cry at your wedding)
  • I name ALL of my plants- my monstera in this picture is named Margaery <3 (yes, I love GOT)

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