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    Blogmas Series: Christmas Gift Guide for Him

    Christmas Gift Guide : For Him
     For my next Blogmas Gift Guide is one for the guys in your life. Shopping for men is so hard and I have been stumped so far and with doing a little research and with the help of Marc I was able to come up with a few ideas. Guys are so simple, that it makes it absolutely infuriating to shop for them. I’ve incorporated a bit of everything that covers any guys personality or sense of style. I even put more in the widget below.
    Clothing wise: If you buy your guy any piece of clothing, he’ll wear it haha. Honestly though, I suggest looking at JCrew Factory because right now the discounts are crazy! They have a little bit of everything for any guy and honestly they had the best deal for things to purchase. Right now they have everything 50% off . I’m just sayin.
    Bearded guys: I think that any guy who has a beard should personally take care of it, especially if you are letting it grow to lumberjack status. My dad has a pretty thick beard and one year I bought him a Beard Care kit, which he uses all the time because he loved the idea so much. The Art of Shaving has plenty of care kits ranging from unscented to Sandalwood.
    The Social Guy: I have two items that are on this guide which are #’s are 5 & 6 and honestly number 5 is the coolest thing since it is a tap so you can keep your beer chilled at a certain temp. There are plenty of taps that are on the market now and I think it is a great idea for the guys in your life that have a love for Beer. For number 6; I think that whiskey and bourbon glasses are a great gift as well since you can get a set and have them engraved. The particular ones I have on this guide are bare but you can find awesome glasses that can be engraved on Etsy, to make it more sentimental.
    Watches: This one is subjective, guys either wear watches or don’t so if your guy likes a nice watch, I think this one is simple enough and classy without breaking the bank when you buy it. I think the all black look is so nice and very versatile for your guy to wear anytime.
    The music lover: I included two very different spectrums; Headphones and a record player. Beats Headphones are one of the hottest thing so if you know someone you love wants a nice set of headphones these are the pair ( even thought they are bit pricey ). There are so many record players in different styles that you can purchase that aren’t too expensive; vinyl is making a come back and adds a vintage flair to your home (if you live with your boo). So it’s a win win for you both 😉
    I think that if you genuinely take out the stress when trying to pick out things for the men in your life because men are super easy to shop for. Think about his personality, style, and hobbies and you can very easily think of things to give them as a gift.
    Comment below what you’re getting the men in your life and give me your tips <3

    Blogmas Series: Christmas Gift Guide For Her

    Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

    Featured Image is by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
    Christmas Gift Guide: For Her |
     It’s the most wonderful time of the year guys! I absolutely love Christmas and I love giving to my family and friends that I love. This is the first time I will be doing a gift guide and it will have items that currently have deals going on because of the season. This particular guide is for the typical girly girl, which is very me when it comes to gifts. I have found a select few items that all have different price ranges for anyone.
    I think that obviously gift buying is very subjective but I hope you love the items I’ve chosen.
    I saw this item and I was in love, I love anything marble but the fact that it is a charging stand for your Iphone is crazy as well. It is on the pricier side since the stand is an actual slab of marble. It’s definitely a gift for those that are tech savvy and or love a minimalistic look. – Price: 130$
    When I saw this case I was extremely giddy lol since it is rose gold but it also is a selfie case, aka it has lights on the front that gives you that glow you see everywhere in Insta photos. i know, i know 60$ is pretty steep for a phone case but you can get 10% off for signing up for Saks Fifth Avenue emails and get it for a discount (which I’m always for!)
     I’m not a watch girl myself, or even a jewelry kinda girl either but this watch is so classic looking and has the rose gold touch that modernizes it. When I see this, I think of my sister who loves watches and she would love this one since it can be so versatile with everything. It is a little on the pricier side but I think that if you are buying a watch for someone who loves their watches, you can’t buy a cheaper one that might stop within 6 months.
    What girl doesn’t love a cozy blanket?This one is available on Nordstrom Rack so it is originally 98$ but is on there for only 49$ which means that is only available for a limited time until they sell out and as of right now the only one color that is available is  Burgundy. So hurry and grab this one up cause it’s 50% off!
    I am a nail polish junkie, almost to the point where I think I may have a problem haha but when I saw this set I immediately wanted it, the colors are so beautiful and to get a set is probably the best way to get multiple of one brand, especially Deborah Lippman polishes. Individual polishes from Lippmann are 20$ so it is a really great deal.
     I love little makeup holiday sets, I think that they are the best way to give a higher brand a try so you can decide if you want to purchase the full size products. My sister is starting to love makeup more and more like me and these sets are the best way to give her a change to work with more prestige brands. I have seen so many sets on Sephora and have two on here:
    I thought this was the prettiest packaging, and I am a total sucker for packaging. This sleep mask is beautful and silk is definitely a plus for anyone who wants a little luxury in their life. This particular brand has a silk pillowcase as well, which is great for your hair.
    This is by far the best thing on here I think, simply because these boots are 20% off and are only 99$ and for Steve Madden’s is shocking I will say. Thigh high boots are so in right now and I love my black thigh highs, they aren’t Steve Madden but Im defintiely eyeing these now!
    Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Potter head through and through. I squealed when I saw that Alex & Ani came out with their Harry Potter collection and I wanted everything in this collection but this ring is my favorite. It’s so quirky and cute and just makes me smile. I would definitely give their collection a look if you know a Potter Head as well.
    As far as gift guides go, these take such a long time to do. Between the graphics and writing on top of using my shopstyle collective widget that needed to be created as well was exhausting so If you read this in its entirety you are the best. Any thing purchased through the links provided, gives money back to me so If you do purchase using links a tiny bit comes back to me (per clicks). I’ve also added more options for gifts below in my widget if you need a few more ideas for the women in your life <3

    Mental Health Awareness: My Anxiety Journey

    My Anxiety Journey |


    Photo by Viktoria Hall-Waldhauser on Unsplash


    This post has been a long one coming, It’s incredibly difficult to finally put it out in the open but those who know me might be shocked that I’ve been dealing with anxiety for as long as I have. This is a long post, but if you read it in its entirety it would mean the world to me.

    Anxiety is something that people have this weird stigma against and honestly that stigma was very prominent in my life. Unfortunately, I thought that having anxiety meant that there was something wrong with me and that it wasn’t okay to not be okay. It absolutely is. As I’ve become more comfortable with myself and my mental health, I’ve finally come to terms with talking to a licensed professional and start taking medication for my anxiety.

    Due to the stigma on mental health only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment for their anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.  (this statistical data was found on Anxiety and Depression Association of America).

    I honestly can say that I have struggled with Anxiety and Depression for the vast majority of my life starting when I was about 10 years old and reached its peak when I was 23 ( my age now) and I had never been on medication up until now which was genuinely because I was scared to be on a medication for the rest of my life and didn’t want to be dependent on one.

    Anxiety can definitely be genetic and I have anxiety and depression in my family so It’s no surprise that it hit me the older I got. I won’t go too in depth about my family history with both of these mental health issues since this post is about me and not my family. After talking to my doctor she explained that it was more than likely a genetic trait after letting her know about my family medical history.

    The 4 years I was in college I completely realized that I was a type A personality and that my anxiety was worsening no matter how I tried to mask it, more so the last two years have been extremely difficult for me. I would cry and feel a bit lost almost daily to the point where I didn’t want to be around or near anyone and at that point when I was 20-21 I felt completely alone. I was constantly worried about deadlines and upset because I was constantly in a state of wanting things to be completely organized (If you had seen my school notes, you would know what I mean)

    I would be extremely anxious and those of you who suffer with anxiety know that it is extremely difficult to do anything without a voice in the back of your head saying “no you can’t” or  “what are other people going to think”. There is no real rime or reason it just happens.

    By the time I hit my age of 23 years old I hit a nervous breaking point because the real world had honestly hit me hard after I graduated this past May. I managed to get a job ( that was not in my field) and making more money than I have ever made from a job and working full time— by all means it is great, but I felt very lost and felt like I wasn’t doing enough for someone my age. I had an emotional breaking point due to the stress of having a brand new job and pressure to do well and I honestly couldn’t function and my body was hating me for it. I could not eat because my stomach was upset all the time and I felt so uncomfortable with everything, and my anxiousness was really bad where I couldn’t focus on anything. Thankfully with the help of my family and my lovely boyfriend I decided to get help from a professional.

    Marc ( my lovely boyfriend ) has been there for me through thick and thin and he has seen my have many panic attacks due to my anxiety in the 2 and 1/2 years together. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible and emotional the last three years have been nor can I tell you what it feels like to be stressed to the point of not being able to breathe.

    After seeing my doctor, I was prescribed Sertraline aka. Zoloft and it has been working wonderfully for me and has me calmer than ever without compromising my own personality traits which is what I wanted. I didn’t want to feel like a zombie or not be able to take myself off of it when I am ready. It was one of my concerns but honestly this medicine has changed my level of focus and it makes like easier to really go on with my day.


    With all this being said, I am incredibly happy that I am starting to feel comfortable in social situations and comfortable with my own mind. I want to make it known that it IS okay to not be okay, nothing is wrong with you if you have that constant nagging feeling and feeling like things are so more than what other people think. Being emotional is okay, and while some loved ones may not understand – it doesn’t diminish how they love you. It is okay to seek help, it’s okay to lean on your friends and family- they will not be burdened by your feelings. You are wonderful if you read all of this, Anxiety is a journey and not something that will ever completely go away but it a healing journey. Which is exactly what I am doing right now. Healing.



    It is okay, to not be okay. You are so much stronger than you think.


    So this is a new type of review for my blog, since it isn’t fashion or beauty related but in some ways it is. I honestly felt like a light should be shed on this absolutely amazing company because really though; who doesn’t love the idea of cheaper prescription glasses? I would like to add that I purchased these on my own and in no way am I sponsored by EYEBUYDIRECT. 

    I stumbled across these guys when I was in a frantic bind because I lost my really nice prescription glasses on a drunken night in Nashville (Don’t judge me) and was desperately in need of glasses.

    I was a bit skeptical at first because the frames I had originally chosen were only 22$ i believe, I mean let’s be honest my Micheal Kors glasses almost cost me 300$ out of pocket even with insurance so when I found a site that could take my prescription and give me a pair of stylish frames I was literally all over it.

    I searched the site for a pair I liked and while they do have more expensive frames from their RFLKT line, I opted for a pair of neutral colored frames that weren’t too expensive and that I wouldn’t mind if they were to break at all.

    A lot of people are skeptical of buying these at home but I went to my old eye place and had them give me my prescription so I could get the correct lenses. To purchase these correctly, please go to a licensed professional to check your eyesight (don’t guess on your own lol).  The lenses were included in the price and if you need bi-focals or have worse eyesight, etc you can purchase those lenses at an extra cost.


    My main issue was the sizing,, because at a eye doctor they measure your pupillary distance so the glasses fit you correctly. They actually give you a digital ruler that you can print out to figure this out! as it is imperative that you know the distance as well as your measurements of your old glasses. I did’t have my old glasses (cause I lost them) but I was able to find the same pair online and it gave me its measurements.


    Unfortunately the first time did not work like a charm and I did start off with these and ended up returning them because they were way too big for my baby face. These were a stunning nude color and soo pretty; just way too wide for me. I was really upset. Thankfully they have a great refund policy and I was able to exchange them out for another pair I adore.

    Returns are allowed within the first 14 days and they can either be refunded or exchanged out for another pair and you’ll either receive the difference or pay for the difference of the glasses. You also get a one-time replacement in the first 12 months of having them which is awesome as well. The process of getting a hold of Customer Service was so easy and I just used the form on the website to get in contact with them, in which they sent me the return label and I sent off the pair that didn’t fit me and waited on ( I would add the link for them but they are now sold out and gone from the website! Sorry guys!)


    Overall it took 2 weeks to get to me which was fine because I’m a patient online shopper and understand that the mail has a world of its own lol as long as the Tracking number worked, I was fine. This company also ships internationally by the way! I’m super happy to say that and while it may be expensive for European countries for Australia and Canada it’s actually quite decently priced.


    They are also having a sale at the moment: BOGO which ends Oct 16, 2017 with the code bogo <3

    Happy shopping loves!

    Fenty Beauty Review!

    Fenty Beauty Review

    I’m so excited to share my opinions of the new Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation and The Fenty Killawatt Highlighter duo. This collection by Rhianna was released early September and literally took the beauty world by storm. Foundation is incredibly hard to get right and she managed to release 40 shades in the first release of her new line, which in itself was absolutely incredible. It is incredibly hard for darker skin tones to find inclusive shades and I’m so happy that it is now readily accessible and is a stepping stone to more and more shades to be created and for more lines to branch out.

    Read more…