As per usual, Here’s my Ipsy bag for June! This bag was an especially good one, since I received an extra item even if it was a mask.  I had re-done the quiz part again last month after I received my May bag and they definitely listened!

I received:

NYX Professional Makeup: Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé in Cocoa Bean

BioRepublic SkinCare: Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Fiber Mask & Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Mask

Skone Cosmetics: Insanely Intense Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner

Trust Fund Beauty: Nail Polish in Game Changer

Luna By Luna Cosmetics: Eyeshadow in Jace

I won’t be going into depth about the products, simply because I haven’t tried any of them and if you guys would like me to review them and make a post I totally can!


Daily Skincare Routine

Growing up, I had acne and hardly ever took care of my skin and struggled with cystic acne more than anything which is a pain in the ass to begin with. I can always remember never being happy with my skin, as it scars extremely easy. When I say that I have literally used every acne product on the market and nothing ever worked..even Proactive. I mean it. My parents bought everything under the sun and it was so infuriating because I have sensitive, oily skin. Now that I’ve recently turned 23 I’ve been trying to focus on my skincare routine and once again, trying to find products that work are easier now that I can try more expensive products. Thankfully, my daily routine isn’t too expensive and I’ve found what works for me at the moment. My skin at the moment feels wonderful and blemish free to where I can finally feel comfortable without any makeup.


While I’ve said I have oily skin, the cleanser I use, was actually in my Ipsy bag one month (not sure which one) and even though this particular cleanser is meant for Normal to Dry skin, it honestly doesn’t dry my skin out, it is so clean and has a gelatin like substance. I absolutely love the fact that it doesn’t have a strong scent and is extremely gentle on the skin. The brand is H2O+ Beauty and the cleanser is 20$ which is absolutely reasonable. it is absolutely my favorite.

Another one of my holy grail skincare items so far is the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Treatment. This stuff is absolutely incredible! I will swear on this stuff up and down, and it’s ability to clear the skin within a day or two. I picked this up at ULTA and it was only 5$ to try it out, along with the body wash version for my boyfriend and that is also incredible. The fragrance is there, and the tingle makes the wash really feel as though it’s working and cleaning my skin. I definitely am picking up the bigger bottle up and possibly expanding into the entire collection.


Once, I’m done cleaning my face I use two products on my skin to keep it moisturized and that’s the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack hydrogel and the Dirty Works 3 in 1 Miracle Cream. Now, I will say this: I’m not entirely sure where to get the Dirty Works cream other than TjMaxx, they have a ton of that brand there and there’s always some of this stuff. I really enjoy the Miracle cream just because it is extremely hydrating and gentle on my skin with a hint of a fragrance. There’s not much to it other than the fact that I think it was like 5$ honestly.

The Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack hydrogel is a god send, I swear. No matter how tired I am it, if I use this right before bed; my eyes are not puffy or bloated underneath at all. It’s the most expensive of all the products minus my Vanity Planet bush at 16$. I really love how thick this product is and how smooth it goes on, other than that there’s also not much to say other than it definitely does what it’s marketed to do!


Now this is the most expensive part of my skin care routine and honestly the most worth it. I’ve been wanting the Clarisonic Mia for the longest time, and when I saw this Vanity Planet one on Hautelook for 25$ I had to have it immediately. The brush comes in a kit of three different heads that all clean the face differently and comes in a storage case. Normally the set costs about 129$ so now you know why I acted without hesitating! It is definitely rougher than the Clarisonic but if you let the brush kinda do its own thing then it is fine. Honestly in the meantime of not having the MIA the VP one does the job: and thats to keep me from touching my face with my hands when I go to clean my face. I’ve noticed by cleaning my face with this brush it has honestly helped in clearing my skin. Even though I do love mine, I’m glad I got it on Hautelook for a lower price, because it’s really not worth the 129$ they would normally want for it (although they have it now on sale on their website for $39.99 . I will probably end up getting the Clarisonic Mia just because it’s more compact and is more gentle on the skin, (this is still a great alternative!)


The last month or so I may have splurged on makeup once again (yikes!) and honestly I blame Youtube. Ulta is a trap and I went in only wanting some new LA Girl products and came out with more than I wanted lol. I had heard so much about the LA Girl Pro Coverage foundation and that it rivaled the Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation so I wanted to see the cheaper alternative and I’m honestly on the fence with it.

  • As far as the BECCA Chrissy Teigen Palette was a splurge buy and by no means did I have any idea that ULTA had it or that it had just been released. It’s honestly so beautiful and pictures don’t do it justice. I mean just look at it! 😍😍😍
  • The lashes in the picture, I picked up from TjMaxx but found out that they were more expensive there then the actual website, these lashes are super easy to put on and are only 3$!
  • The NYX Perfect Filter palette is absolutely amazing! the pigments are so creamy and blend really well.


Foundation: L.A. GIRL |Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation:  in Beige

Concealer: L.A. GIRL | HD Pro Concealer:  in Pure Beige

Lippie: L.A. GIRL | Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Instinct

Skincare: SOAP & GLORY | Puffy Eye Attack Eye Rescue Gel

Palette: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP | Olive You Perfect Filter Shadow Palette

Lashes: The Creme Shop Dramatic Lashes in #702



Products used:
Foundation: @maybelline Fit me foundation in shade 310 #maybellinefitme
Concealer: @tartecosmetics Shape Tape in tan sand #tarte
Contour: @anastasiabeverlyhills Contour Cream Kit in Deep #anastasiabeverlyhills
Brows: @elfcosmetics brow pencil in Natural brown #elf
Lips: @smashboxcosmetics Always on Liquid Lipstick in shade ‘Steppin Out’ #smashbox
Eyes: @anastasiabeverlyhills Modern Renaissance palette #anastasiabeverlyhills



I am officially obsessed with Ipsy.

For those that don’t know Ipsy is a subscription service that sends you a bag every month, with 5 products to try for 10$ a month.

I normally enjoy what I receive but lately they’ve been hitting it out of the park each month. Since I know have a monthly schedule set up of posts, I’ll be putting these posts up more regularly and on time as I receive them each month. Reviewing items is super important when it comes to getting what you want.

For me for instance:

I love brushes, brow and lip products.

So, the longer you are with Ipsy the better your products are. So definitely review your products and let them know what you want and don’t want! I’ve heard of so many that were subscribed and then unsubscribed due to the fact they were not getting things they would even remotely use.  Which is a bummer. So review, review, review and change your beauty preferences and choose only those items that you would definitely want to see in your bag.


I recently updated my profile, and added more of the new brands that are now with Ipsy which is exciting! (TOM FORD & YVES SAINT LAURENT?!).

If you wanna take the jump and subscribe yourself click the link below and sign-up:

Subscribe to Ipsy!

This month I received:

1. Global Beauty Care: Charcoal Wash Off Mask

2. Manna Kadar Cosmetics:
Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo

3. Benefit Cosmetics:
Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in shade 5-Deep

4. trèStiQue:
Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Tuscan Wine

5. Royal & Langnickel MODA™
Royal & Langnickel: Precision Angled Brush

ULTA HAUL: Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte!

ULTA HAUL: Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte!
I made a few purchases at Ulta a while ago and figured I’d show you all <3 
Reviews on the foundation are coming, now that I’ve been able to use it and see how it works both with a brush and a blender. I’ve been dying to get my hands on all the products I purchased, and am grateful I was able to buy my dream palette as well. 
P.s: The Shape Tape is absolutely amazing and is definitely worth the hype! 

Ipsy October Bag!

I am so excited about the Ipsy October Bag that I get to share with you all!, It is by far my favorite bag that I have received from Ipsy. This is the only subscription company I have signed up for and I am very picky as to what I choose, because I didn’t have a good experience with Birchbox. It’s only 10$ a month and hopefully I can convince you guys to sign up.
(Can we talk about the kitties on this bag, omg <3)
Here is what I received:
1. theBalm Cosmetics in Cabana Boy: pigmentation is incredible but too pink for my liking

Full Size Price: $21.00
2. Ciate London: Fierce Flicks Eyeliner: AMAZING, and pretty much is the easiest eyeliner to work

with to make a fierce wing, pretty sure this is a full size product included
Full Size Price: $20.00
3. Trust Fund Beauty: Gimme Good Face Primer: I always need a good primer and willing to try new primers because of my excessively oily skin, so I’m excited to use it. I also looked it up and it is on pre-order so it hasn’t even hit the market yet!
Full Size Price: $25.00
4. Elizabeth Grant Skincare: Green Power C Hydrating Cleanser: I am also a skincare buff and love cleansers and creams (which I’ve received multiple products like this in my bags); making me excited to try this brand as I have never heard of before.
Full Size Price: $25.00
5. Adesse New York: Liquid Chrome in Grand Central: I always squeal with excitement when I get new nail polish (even though I never paint my own haha), so I was so happy to receive a full size nail polish that had a chrome effect.
Full Size Price: $20.00
Overall Full Sized products included:
So all in all I definitely am happy with the products I received and are all products that I am excited to try out! Once again, Ipsy makes me happy <3. Considering the bag is $10 only and I received a $40.00 bag is awesome.
If you want to subscribe and sign up for your very own Ipsy bag use my Referral Link <3

Lorac Lipgloss: Holiday Set Review

Lorac Lipgloss: Holiday Set Review
Officially my first review on my up and running blog which is always exciting and I always get a sense of accomplishment when a post goes up, just because the process takes so much time and effort  so I hope y’all enjoy! <3.

If you head back to my September Haul, you’ll see I picked up two Lorac sets from Khol’s. Can we just talk about this packaging?! Honestly, the main reason I bought this set from first glance was because of the rose gold tops which are absolutely gorgeous. After I saw them, I decided to test out the pigmentation and for lipgloss’s the pigment and color payoff are wonderful as well.

The set cost was $25 which is a steal for six lipgloss’s considering a single lipgloss from Lorac is $16 , so even though I am not a huge lipgloss fan, I figured why not since the colors are gorgeous. 

The “Happy Hour” set includes three darker tones and three lighter ones, honestly I see myself using the darker tones more so than the lighter ones; but that’s because I don’t think lighter colors look good on me (personal preference). Connoisseur is possibly my favorite color by far in this set, its the perfect pink mauve color and the pigment is amazing. As far as the lighter tones go; I’ll most likely only use the color “Beauty Queen” and possibly “Ballerina” but that’s stretching it a little bit.  The color Angel will probably be given to a family member or something because it is incredibly nude and doesn’t look flattering at all.

Final Thoughts:
The colors are gorgeous and as I said before you can’t really go wrong with the price nor the pigmentation that you get from the lipgloss’s themselves. As far as lasting effect goes; they do not stay on long at all which bums me out a lot. Unfortunately, they last maybe two hours before vanishing by itself; but if used with a matte lipstick or liquid lipstick the color does stay on a tad bit longer ( I talk a lot at work haha). So if you’re looking for a longer lasting lip product, I would go for the Lorac Lipstick Holiday set which is a little bit more expensive but just as good deal. Only thing is, the lipstick set is only exclusive at Khol’s so I would definitely take advantage of it while you can!

P.S: The swatches are with one swipe! that’s how incredible the pigmentation is and well worth it in my opinion.

September Beauty Haul: Lorac and More!

September Beauty Haul: Lorac and More!
I know it’s already October and I am a tad bit late but I got caught up with school and other obligations so here it is:
My September haul from Sephora and Khols, and I managed to spend a little too much and feel a tad bit guilty but seeing as I haven’t spent much on myself in the past three months or done anything for myself unless it’s related to work and school 🙈. So, i went shopping for a few things and wound up at Sephora and the Khols makeup department; which in itself is dangerous for someone with an obsession for pretty packaging. 

I picked up a lip set from Sephora and was so excited I could try out various lip products, I will say the one product I was disappointed in was the Lancome lip product in bubblegum pink and has no pigmentation. The package came with a Kat Von D lipstick, Too Faced Melted lippie, Smashbox liquid Lipstick and Unfortunately my Nars lip product was missing 🙁 and I had already left after purchasing it. The lip injection product was a separate purchase and the Forever 21 product is an amazing liquid lipstick for only $5! I can do swatches and a separate post on these products later in the future since this post is a haul one.

I also picked up the 5 packet set of the GlamGlow Supermud clearing treatment which deserves its own post, because it’s that good. While the full size product is around $69 dollars I decided I wanted to try it out and it works wonders on my oily skin, so eventually I just might buy the full size jar unless I find a pretty good dupe that can match the power of this thing. 

While I was at Khols at home, I saw that they had just stocked their Lorac products with new products that were Christmas packaging, and OMG these are gorgeous in person. The caps on these are rose gold and the lip products themselves are so pigmented! It was well worth the $25 dollars for me. The prettiest are the darker three but thats because lighter tones don’t work on my tan skin; or at least I don’t think so. This set itself isn’t Khol’s exclusive so you might be able to pick up at other retailers that sell Lorac but their other two rose gold sets are Khol’s exclusive ( their blush set, and their lipstick set). Once again, I have a post planned with swatches both on my skin and on my lips coming so stay tuned for those and a review!

I also picked up this Lorac palette, which is absolutely to die for and the pigmentation is absolutely gorgeous, this is my first higher end palette and I can see why everyone raves about their larger palettes if they are anything like this one! this will also have a swatches and eye look coming soon as well. I can’t wait to share the swatches with you all and to create a look with this palette. I don’t want to go into too much detail seeing as how I want to dedicate a separate review to the colors and info on the product including the price.