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    Blouse Shirts & Sweaters: Zaful Fall Wishlist


    So many of you who watch Youtube religiously know that there are so many videos of Zaful hauls and some are soo good that it’s shocking. I’ve bought from them on four different occasions and never had an issue, hence why I have a wishlist for fall including this Blouse shirt and sweater! Both items are so versatile and are classy for fall outfits and give me so much inspiration for the colder months!

    All items above are on Zaful and are all relatively cheap especially the bag which is only 33 usd! y’all it’s so pretty and just looks expensive. All products come with an area for reviews and for the most part customers put their own pictures of their purchases, so keep an eye out for those when making a purchase!

    Now, I’ve bought on four different occasions from Zaful and 3 of them have been swimsuit purchases ( I have an obsession and I’ve bought like 7 from them) from when I was planning for Costa Rica. All the bathing suits were great quality all but except some white bottoms which wasn’t a big deal.

    As far as this haul goes, I definitely need more sweaters and blouse shirts are great to be dressed up or down, whether it be with a pair of heels and some jewelry. You can find my wishlist items here:

    1. Chunky Sweater
    2. Striped Blouse Shirt
    3. Tassel Earrings
    4. Double Buckle
    5. Moon Watch
    6. Leather Bag

    Right now Zaful is having a back to school promotion where everyone gets free shipping worldwide!  All you would need to pay is shipping insurance which I recommend for every order placed with them, since it does take a while for your package to arrive you can keep tabs on your package! ( It does come from China so be patient!). You can also see any giveaways on their Zaful Blog as well as their promotions going on, so give that a check as well.


    This is a sponsored post for Zaful but all opinions are all my own, and I will be receiving a package from them with the sweater, belt, watch, and earrings from above in a later package, but the bag and blouse shirt I will definitely be purchasing as well!

    Summer Wants: 5 Summer Pieces Every Girl Should Own This Summer



    It’s officially the best time of the year! Summer has arrived and it is definitely in full swing in Tennessee. I absolutely love this time of year and honestly it is so fascinating how trends change with each summer season. I’ve been doing so much online browsing because I can’t spend any money due to my Europe trip with Ef College Break (Which you can check out here to get a gist); and I’ve noticed a ton of re-occurring trends. All of which I am obsessed with. As much as I love all black everything, I’ve been branching out into the world of color and this spring and summer has reinvented my closet.

    1. Two-Piece Coordinates: I’ve been seeing two piece coordinating outfits everywhere in all patterns and colors. I think they are the cutest and are easy to dress up or down. The one in the graphic is from Zaful where they have a ton of different patterns and options to choose from with different price ranges and they all come in actual sets; so you don’t have to buy them as separates. I completely trust Zaful, as I’ve purchased a couple orders from them and I’ve always received each one.
    2. Tropical Prints: I’ve recently discovered a new online store called PrettyLittleThings and it is absolutely amazing. The website is similar to MissGuided and Lulus, with a ton of on trend clothing and relatively affordable. If I had money I would literally buy everything in sight, and I’ve had to have so much restraint when browsing.
    3. Tassel Earrings & Jewelry: I have seen this trend everywhere! and for good reason, they honestly look so good on everyone. You can find them anywhere, pretty much ranging from $5+ and in every color under the moon. I’ve seen so many cute ones on Baublebar for around $36. I tend to really like the fabric tassel earrings versus the beaded tassels. I especially love the ones I found Forever 21 for about $5.90, and they are a gorgeous orange which is my favorite color right now.
    4. Embroidery: I think that this trend is by far my favorite, I love me a good red embroidery but I’ve seen so many cool designs like this clutch. A clutch like this one honestly can dress up and add a pop of color to any outfit. Forever 21 has so many options, from shirts to bags and I want them all! The detailing of embroidery is beautiful and in my eyes so timeless.
    5. A Double Belt: This one has been all over Youtube and Blogs everywhere and I’ve seen it so much, that I want to buy one and as soon as possible. I’ve seen this one paired with so many outfits and it adds a little umph.

    Are there any pieces you have seen that are a must have for this summer? Let me know in the comments below!





    Photo Credit at Unsplash