The last month or so I may have splurged on makeup once again (yikes!) and honestly I blame Youtube. Ulta is a trap and I went in only wanting some new LA Girl products and came out with more than I wanted lol. I had heard so much about the LA Girl Pro Coverage foundation and that it rivaled the Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Foundation so I wanted to see the cheaper alternative and I’m honestly on the fence with it.

  • As far as the BECCA Chrissy Teigen Palette was a splurge buy and by no means did I have any idea that ULTA had it or that it had just been released. It’s honestly so beautiful and pictures don’t do it justice. I mean just look at it! 😍😍😍
  • The lashes in the picture, I picked up from TjMaxx but found out that they were more expensive there then the actual website, these lashes are super easy to put on and are only 3$!
  • The NYX Perfect Filter palette is absolutely amazing! the pigments are so creamy and blend really well.


Foundation: L.A. GIRL |Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation:  in Beige

Concealer: L.A. GIRL | HD Pro Concealer:  in Pure Beige

Lippie: L.A. GIRL | Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Instinct

Skincare: SOAP & GLORY | Puffy Eye Attack Eye Rescue Gel

Palette: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP | Olive You Perfect Filter Shadow Palette

Lashes: The Creme Shop Dramatic Lashes in #702


ULTA HAUL: Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte!

ULTA HAUL: Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte!
I made a few purchases at Ulta a while ago and figured I’d show you all <3 
Reviews on the foundation are coming, now that I’ve been able to use it and see how it works both with a brush and a blender. I’ve been dying to get my hands on all the products I purchased, and am grateful I was able to buy my dream palette as well. 
P.s: The Shape Tape is absolutely amazing and is definitely worth the hype! 


As some of you may know from Instagram, I made a big girl purchase a couple of months ago in hopes that I would be able to post quality photos of my purchases and hopefully start a Youtube channel in the year to come. I’m slowly building a kit to create quality Youtube videos; I just need the space for filming.  I also needed an awesome camera for my trip to Europe in July so after tons of research: The Canon Rebel T5i was the one I’ve chosen. and it is incredible and easy to use. 
I managed to buy it on a payment plan through QVC and it’s a 6 payment term. So if anyone is in the market for a new camera that comes with an extra lens, definitely check out QVC! 
I wanted to do a longer review but I’m still learning on how to use the camera so once I’ve learned everything, i’ll be sure to talk more about it <3

September Beauty Haul: Lorac and More!

September Beauty Haul: Lorac and More!
I know it’s already October and I am a tad bit late but I got caught up with school and other obligations so here it is:
My September haul from Sephora and Khols, and I managed to spend a little too much and feel a tad bit guilty but seeing as I haven’t spent much on myself in the past three months or done anything for myself unless it’s related to work and school 🙈. So, i went shopping for a few things and wound up at Sephora and the Khols makeup department; which in itself is dangerous for someone with an obsession for pretty packaging. 

I picked up a lip set from Sephora and was so excited I could try out various lip products, I will say the one product I was disappointed in was the Lancome lip product in bubblegum pink and has no pigmentation. The package came with a Kat Von D lipstick, Too Faced Melted lippie, Smashbox liquid Lipstick and Unfortunately my Nars lip product was missing 🙁 and I had already left after purchasing it. The lip injection product was a separate purchase and the Forever 21 product is an amazing liquid lipstick for only $5! I can do swatches and a separate post on these products later in the future since this post is a haul one.

I also picked up the 5 packet set of the GlamGlow Supermud clearing treatment which deserves its own post, because it’s that good. While the full size product is around $69 dollars I decided I wanted to try it out and it works wonders on my oily skin, so eventually I just might buy the full size jar unless I find a pretty good dupe that can match the power of this thing. 

While I was at Khols at home, I saw that they had just stocked their Lorac products with new products that were Christmas packaging, and OMG these are gorgeous in person. The caps on these are rose gold and the lip products themselves are so pigmented! It was well worth the $25 dollars for me. The prettiest are the darker three but thats because lighter tones don’t work on my tan skin; or at least I don’t think so. This set itself isn’t Khol’s exclusive so you might be able to pick up at other retailers that sell Lorac but their other two rose gold sets are Khol’s exclusive ( their blush set, and their lipstick set). Once again, I have a post planned with swatches both on my skin and on my lips coming so stay tuned for those and a review!

I also picked up this Lorac palette, which is absolutely to die for and the pigmentation is absolutely gorgeous, this is my first higher end palette and I can see why everyone raves about their larger palettes if they are anything like this one! this will also have a swatches and eye look coming soon as well. I can’t wait to share the swatches with you all and to create a look with this palette. I don’t want to go into too much detail seeing as how I want to dedicate a separate review to the colors and info on the product including the price.

Sephora, Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21 Collective Haul

Long post alert! 

The past few days I’ve been kind of going crazy (after paying the bills- of course) with shopping and picking up little things every few days or so. I went to Nashville recently and finally got to go inside a Sephora and I picked up three things, and picked up some stuff from Forever 21 and H&M but the things I purchased at H&M, I wont be posting cause they aren’t things I want to write about.
When it comes to Sephora, I’m super picky and unless I’ve done some research I won’t just splurge on an item especially when it comes to foundation ( I have oily skin so spending $30+ dollars on foundation seems pointless when unless I’ve been dying to try) Although the BECCA Ever-Matte Shine proof foundation is calling my name cause i sampled it and needless to say it is pretty amazing. Anyways, I purchased two of the Sephora brand face masks and will be doing reviews on them later (not sure about taking pictures with them on though) The red one is a pomegranate mask- which is an energizing mask and is much needed being a full time student and working every day! and the green one is a green tea mask and and we all know its for anti blemishes and to get rid of the oil that clogs the pores. Super excited about these and they were only 6$! I also bought this travel size Josie Maran Skincare kit and I’m super excited because it has pretty great reviews on sephora and Beautylish (which I’m on by the way). I wont rant to much about it because I plan on doing a separate post on this wonderful skincare kit in the future once I get in the habit of using it almost everyday. so be on the look out!

The few things I bought at Forever 21 were tank tops (a $1.50 a piece!) which I didn’t document because I’ve been wearing them and it’s just basic tank tops. I bought this cute kitty cat coffee/tea mug and when I saw it I had to have it! Seeing that I have long hair I bought a black little bow that I think now that I have blonde hair will show up perfectly. The creme lipstick is so nice and I’ve already taken pictures of it and sadly doesn’t have a name but there will be a blog post on it since it’s really pretty on.

To say I’m obsessed with TJMaxx is a huge understatement, I’m absolutely in love with it and recently picked up a few things while I was there ( and there’s a special post that I’m writing that has two wonderful dream things I found and splurged on at TJ maxx! :3). I found a bran that pretty much look like dupes for the Soap & Glory Brand that I am desperately am dying to buy and will most likely splurge on them at a later date, The box has 4 travel sizes of bath products that I can review later take pictures of individually (cause the bath soak is amazing and has a nice subtle smell to it), I also bought a Moisture Mask, since I’m all about trying to take better care of my skin. I fell in love with these false eyelashes from the Vintage Cosmetic Company, so hopefully they are easy to apply and look natural. The candle is called Awaken and it smells WONDERFUL ( i have a candle addiction as well, you’ll notice that later)

Hope you lovlies enjoyed my collective haul and hopefully you’ll be on the lookout for reviews on certain things posted! be sure to subscribe and follow me on bloglovin if you can!