24 Things To Do Before 24

24 Things To Do Before 24

It’s crazy to think in two years time I’ll be in my mid-twenties, with my adult life ahead of me, which is kind of crazy and a little terrifying. I never thought I would still not know what I what I wanted to do, or the fact that I’m not living in my own home at the moment nor am I in a full time job that I thoroughly enjoy. Up until this point I thought I wasn’t doing something right and I was a failure because I wasn’t doing anything that I thought I’d be doing but honestly I’ve come to terms with how everything has been going. I can honestly say I am genuinely happy with everything, and have learned to not be too hard on myself. Live and let live.

I decided to do a post like this mainly for my benefit, because I think it is so important to write down your goals for the year to come and what to work on in the year or years to come.

  1. Go back to school to get my Masters
  2. Buy a home (or start looking)
  3. Travel to Greece
  4. Spend a birthday in Vegas
  5. Travel more often in general
  6. Find a full time job in the meantime of going back to school
  7. Bake and cook more for my love
  8. Have a substantial savings account to buy a home
  9. Start a more healthy lifestyle & work out more often
  10. FINALLY see a Broadway play in NYC
  11. Learn how to make macaroons
  12. Learn more about Wine
  13. Be consistent with my blog
  14. Start more consistent fashion posts
  15. Read more frequently
  16. Invest in a better theme (which will be sooner than later)
  17. Live and let live
  18. Learn that it’s okay to not please everyone
  19. See my love’s Childhood town in NY
  20. Increase traffic to my blog
  21. Buy more makeup & have the storage for it ( Ie. Ikea Desk)
  22. Buy a new Lens for my camera
  23. Start a Youtube Channel
  24. Not let my anxiety get in the way of doing things in life.

I know many of these things may be little goals but I believe little goals are easier to achieve in the long run. I’ve already achieved so much and only want to grow within the next year, and having these few written down will hopefully make them set in stone!  I’m so excited for the road to 24 and bigger things for my blog <3 Hopefully some of you will keep up with me and my journey.


What are some goals you have for the next year? Let me know! I’d love to hear your goals <3


As some of you may know from Instagram, I made a big girl purchase a couple of months ago in hopes that I would be able to post quality photos of my purchases and hopefully start a Youtube channel in the year to come. I’m slowly building a kit to create quality Youtube videos; I just need the space for filming.  I also needed an awesome camera for my trip to Europe in July so after tons of research: The Canon Rebel T5i was the one I’ve chosen. and it is incredible and easy to use. 
I managed to buy it on a payment plan through QVC and it’s a 6 payment term. So if anyone is in the market for a new camera that comes with an extra lens, definitely check out QVC! 
I wanted to do a longer review but I’m still learning on how to use the camera so once I’ve learned everything, i’ll be sure to talk more about it <3


Words can’t describe what it’s like to be graduated and also turning 23. I didn’t realize how many emotions I would feel once I was done with school and let me tell you, the last couple of weeks has been extremely emotional and stressful. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the future is closing in and now all I can think about are my student loans, a better job, among other things. I haven’t stopped thinking about the future which is absolutely terrifying. I have to take a step back and enjoy it for what it is: I get to sleep in and go to work in the afternoon, I have time to dedicate to things that I enjoy (such as blogging), and just enjoy the time between now and the time I go to Europe!
Also it calls for more posts that I’ve had sitting in my drafts and fully focusing on my blog once and for all. Now that I have all the time in the world, I want to dedicate my time to things that I enjoy and do things for ME.

My Graduation photos were taken by the lovely Madison Martin over at Cedar & Sage Photography <3

European Road Trip

European Road Trip
The picture above was taken by me 🙂 on a plane to California back in July. 
My dream of traveling used to be such a far fetched idea, and I never thought it would happen..ever. mainly because of financial reasons and putting other things before travel. My dreams were answered because of EF College Break and it’s wonderful payment plan options. I cannot speak highly enough of the customer service of this company, and I have never had an issue getting ahold of someone whenever I had questions– and I have had quite a few before holding my spot on the trip I had chosen. I knew I wanted a semi longer trip, without going for the extreme 35 day Ultimate Europe trip so I decided on a 16 day European Road Trip reaching 7 cities in June. Which is exciting in itself and also completely daunting at the same time, making EF absolutely appealing since I don’t have to lift a finger in planning my first European adventure. Because I am a worrier, it took me a little bit to convince myself of booking my trip through EF but after countless hours of researching and watching videos, reading blog posts, etc. I knew I had to book through them. The most appealing feature was being able to hold my spot for the trip by only putting a $150 deposit and from that point forward starting a payment plan. Being a college student it’s extremely difficult to pull 4k out your butt (hence, why I never did study abroad in the 4 years I’ve been in school); EF made it affordable for me. They also have an awesome referral program as well, that makes it possible for your trip price to go down once someone books a trip or the same trip as you!
The awesome perks of booking through EF was that it took the stressful planning phase out of the whole ordeal, and I could spend the majority of my time just being excited about the trip. While the price of a trip may be daunting; it does include flights and these other wonderful things:
  • Accommodations 
  • All your city transfers are taken care of 
  • Once, you’re two months away from your trip they even create a private FB group so you can meet others going! ( most excited for this!)
  • Metro Pass is included in most major cities 
  • Attraction passes to popular sights is also included ( the Lourve, Sistine Chapel, etc)
  • Free breakfast
I don’t know about you but that saves me a whole lot of money knowing I don’t have to worry about getting to and from destinations, the metro pass and attraction passes is completely awesome because those could’ve added up in the 16 days I’ll be on the trip with EF.  EF also has the option for you to extend your trip by either coming before your trip starts or staying longer for your trip ( hell, or even adding another one of their trips on!). A friend and I added Rome for an extra 6 days which is going to be handled all on our own, minus the flight back home. So if you do plan on doing either, you are held responsible to getting to the country of choice and taking care of accommodations amongst other things you would like to do. We plan on staying in AirBnB while we are in Rome ( haven’t made concrete plans yet).  I think it cost me an extra $25 to extend it and change my flight back from Rome to the US. 
This is only part one of my EF college trip, Part two will be a detailed breakdown of what I plan on doing and what my itinerary through EF is like, plus the Rome extension on my own. I’ll be back to review the trip and company as a whole along with a bunch of other posts about the trip once I get back as well! 
If you’re worried about taking a leap, I say go for it! traveling is good for the soul <3 

New Year.. New Resolutions

New Year.. New Resolutions


( I found this lovely picture on Unsplash)

Seeing as it’s the first week of January and the beginning of 2017, I saw it fitting to write down my resolutions or start thinking about things I would love to implement in this new year. The few resolutions that I wanted to achieve last year were easy enough to manage and I completed them! So onto a New Year and even Newer Resolutions!

The year of new memories and new adventures, xoxo

1. Be More Social: Y’all this is such a struggle for me, more often than not I’m either at Work or at school during the semester and I don’t really push myself to go out with others. I have such wonderful people around me in my life and really want to do a better job at making plans with those around me even if I’m working that day, etc. My problem is making time and or not just sitting around like a lard and binge watching Netflix from the comfort of my own bed. The goal is to build closer relationships, and make new memories with the people in my life.

2. Learn Patience in Life: This concept is a genuine anxiety causer in my life especially in 2016, the constant pressure of what society expects from a 22 year old woman can be a lot to handle. It’s completely okay to not be sure of where I’m going and what I want to do with my life, and I just have to accept the idea of the unknown which has a tendency to freak me out just a bit. It’s also okay to do things at your own pace and never have to explain yourself, the amount of older people who ask when I’m getting married and what do I wanna do when I graduate is much too many. In the new year, my goal is to allow myself patience and let life take its course.

3. Be Healthy and Workout more: I know, I know everyone has this resolution and it’s so cheesy but it’s really hit me that I want to be stronger and eat better. My goal is to work on a stronger core and build a bigger butt, and to workout at least 3 days a week. Which is completely reasonable considering my schedule works around school and gives me free time before and after. Be on the lookout for new workout clothing hauls and how I’m going to stay on top of working out.

Three lessons I’ve learned on my way to twenty-two.

This blog post isn’t beauty related but just a good ole deep thinking blog post (whatever that means).

The closer I get to graduating college, which in itself is crazy to think about. Three years ago, I was this timid, shy girl who had awful social skills and an extremely low self-esteem. Now, I’m 21 going on 22 and almost content with who I am as a person, although it was a long time coming and a lot of rough detours along the way; I came out better and stronger as a person. I had a vision when I graduated high school and honestly I achieved most of it, just not the way I originally planned.  Life has moved so incredibly fast and I have felt so nostalgic as of late, of how simple life was when I graduated in 2012. I know that 3 almost 4 years doesn’t seem long but for me, it feels like an eternity ago. There are certain lessons I’ve learned on my way to 22 that have helped mold me into the person I am today.

Click to continue reading! xoxo

1. I learned that it is okay to do your own thing, never apologize or feel like you need to explain why you haven’t been around to your friends. In true friendships, you don’t need to talk every day because if they are amazing they’ll be doing their own thing too, and will completely understand; making get togethers even more memorable and so much more fun. People who appreciate your grind are the people you wanna have around and make life that much easier since you don’t have to be in each other’s face. Honestly, thank you to the girls who completely understand when I go missing for weeks ( especially when it comes to texting) and still support me and love me all the same.

2. Love yourself before getting involved in love. 
Oh boy, this topic. If you know me personally you possibly know all about this topic when it comes to me. Growing up, I never had a relationship or anything with actual meaning, and if you have.  My first love was so one-sided and emotionally damaging. That’s all I’ll say about the subject. Learning to love myself was so easy, after my first relationship because I was finally free. I began to enjoy and do things that made me happy, Raving, dancing and yoga at the time literally got me through anything. One good thing that came from that relationship was my increased love for techno music and the rave scene. The rave scene is so amazing and accepting that led me to many friends that I love. Once, I became more independent and comfortable in my own skin, I stumbled upon a relationship that is absolutely incredible and supportive.

3. Your parents are almost always right, so accept their help and advice. 
As hard as it is to say lol, my parents are always right. about everything. I know that
not everyone has a great relationship with their parents like I do, my parents are my rock and have helped me through thick and thin, but they also let me make my own mistakes and were always there to pick me up when I fall. I am very grateful. If you don’t have parents who are forgiving, honestly this piece of advice can come from anybody you look up to and lean on.

Mint and Gold Bedroom inspiration!

Mint and Gold Bedroom Inspiration
As per usual, I was looking through Pinterest to find inspiration for my bedroom; since I moved within the last month from my apartment and needed a new clean look. Literally typing in Mint and Gold Bedroom gives you so many options and inspiration that I decided to compile my own favorite items and or items that replicated my bedroom in a way. The actual comforter set listed is the actual comforter that I own and is super pretty in person. I wanted my bedding to be the focal point with little hints of gold here and there with white to complete it. I have tons of mint green things for my desk and organization wise (reason I wanted to do Mint and Gold to begin with). I also have a D.I.Y picture frame jewelry holder that is gold that ties the colors together  (which I can photograph later and write about it if anyone wants to see it!). I’ll have a post up eventually with my room all complete and my desk organization in a separate post cause my room currently is in shambles and should be put together by the end of next week (fingers crossed!). 
 What colors is your room and how did you bring it all together?
(Eventually the colors will change, but for right now I love the color combo)
Here are the Items compiled all together:
1.Ogee Comforter Set at Target
2. Gold Ceramic Tray at Target
3.Hamsa Gold Art Print by QuantumPrints on Etsy
4. Gold Quote Art Print by QuantumPrints on Etsy
5. White Office Desk at Target
6.Gold Sequin Pillow at Target
7.Gold Base Lamp at Target

Summer Adventures: Waterfall Edition

TN Waterfalls- Burgess Falls
Around the beginning of May, I was doing research on outdoor activities and things to do around Tennessee so I could get used to being outdoors and actually enjoying nature haha. I found out there are a lot of waterfalls (12 to be exact) after coming across this blog post on 12thandbroad that listed pretty much every waterfall known in Tennessee and does a really good job at explaining how the trails are and what each hike trail is like. The one my boyfriend and I went to was semi- easy, and absolutely beautiful. It’s a pretty easy hike- and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like to hike or the outdoors very much but i’m trying to get used to it; We went on a pretty day that was about 75 so not too hot (so no sweat haha). The hike takes you on three different levels; one being just a normal walk with water views and leads you to the smaller falls that are just as pretty and a short hike to the highest lookout point where you can see the biggest waterfall (both falls pictured above). Once you reach the biggest waterfall you have the option to get on the very top and look down if you choose (scary but we did it anyway and totally worth it). There are stairs going down so you can get to the bottom of the waterfall and take pictures which was awesome, If you go I would definitely wear sneakers so you can climb around at the bottom so you don’t slip on the rocks.  It was completely worth it and my summer plan is to atleast visit and see half of the waterfalls listed on the 12thandbroad website. 
Do you guys know any other outdoor ideas down south? If so, let me know in the comments so I can go on more adventures. 🙂 
Next stop is Cummins Falls!