Lorac Lipgloss: Holiday Set Review

Lorac Lipgloss: Holiday Set Review
Officially my first review on my up and running blog which is always exciting and I always get a sense of accomplishment when a post goes up, just because the process takes so much time and effort  so I hope y’all enjoy! <3.

If you head back to my September Haul, you’ll see I picked up two Lorac sets from Khol’s. Can we just talk about this packaging?! Honestly, the main reason I bought this set from first glance was because of the rose gold tops which are absolutely gorgeous. After I saw them, I decided to test out the pigmentation and for lipgloss’s the pigment and color payoff are wonderful as well.

The set cost was $25 which is a steal for six lipgloss’s considering a single lipgloss from Lorac is $16 , so even though I am not a huge lipgloss fan, I figured why not since the colors are gorgeous. 

The “Happy Hour” set includes three darker tones and three lighter ones, honestly I see myself using the darker tones more so than the lighter ones; but that’s because I don’t think lighter colors look good on me (personal preference). Connoisseur is possibly my favorite color by far in this set, its the perfect pink mauve color and the pigment is amazing. As far as the lighter tones go; I’ll most likely only use the color “Beauty Queen” and possibly “Ballerina” but that’s stretching it a little bit.  The color Angel will probably be given to a family member or something because it is incredibly nude and doesn’t look flattering at all.

Final Thoughts:
The colors are gorgeous and as I said before you can’t really go wrong with the price nor the pigmentation that you get from the lipgloss’s themselves. As far as lasting effect goes; they do not stay on long at all which bums me out a lot. Unfortunately, they last maybe two hours before vanishing by itself; but if used with a matte lipstick or liquid lipstick the color does stay on a tad bit longer ( I talk a lot at work haha). So if you’re looking for a longer lasting lip product, I would go for the Lorac Lipstick Holiday set which is a little bit more expensive but just as good deal. Only thing is, the lipstick set is only exclusive at Khol’s so I would definitely take advantage of it while you can!

P.S: The swatches are with one swipe! that’s how incredible the pigmentation is and well worth it in my opinion.