What I’m Bringing to Europe: 16 Days in a Carry-On

What I’m Bringing to Europe: 16 Days in a Carry-On


Eek! I’m 4 days away from boarding my very first international flight and I am filled with excitement. It’ll be my first time every flying on an international flight on my own and traveling without knowing anyone which makes me so excited and kinda terrified. I know I’ll be fine, and this trip is a sense of self discovery for me. I’ve been doing so much research on what I want to see, what I want to bring and I’ve finally narrowed down what I’m bringing. In order to avoid not having my luggage with me so I’m only taking my carry on luggage, and a backpack with me as well. I just want the security of having my belongings with me lol (my boyfriend had his luggage lost when we went to California– it was a nightmare getting it back!). Pinterest is a god send in finding out what to bring and lovely graphics like the one I made above are huge reasons I’m making this post. I love these kind of graphics and they are so much easier to pin and look at for reference. So hopefully you like how it came out jsut as much as I do!

I’m definitely an over-packer, and I really want to avoid not being able to bring more things back when I come home. When I went to Costa Rica I brought so much with me and managed to bring quite a bit of stuff so i think I’ve conquered my luggage lol. I’m quite tiny so my clothes fit pretty much anywhere haha.

I absolutely love how the graphic above turned out, and I hope you all do as well!


I’ll be bringing 5 tops, I have two flowy tanks that will be easy to dress up or keep casual if need be, and in probably in neutral colors as well. Plus, a off the shoulder top since I’ve been obsessed with the off the shoulder look this summer and think it adds a nice touch to any outfit (besides, Iove my collarbone haha). I’lll also be bringing two nice little crop tops that I can wear with a cardigan and jeans for a more casual look thats also comfy. I almost have two crops that look identical to my graphic.


This is a given but I feel as though I have to mention this since I obviously will need Pajamas to sleep in lol, It will more than likely be bringing two pair of leggings and two of my love’s t-shirts ( boy shirts are so comfy!), and I’ll be bringing a bunch of socks since I have to sleep with them on haha


I’ll be bringing two pairs of shorts and two pairs of jeans both white and denim, just because I love white denim and it goes well with everything and with some jewelry it looks great. As far as denim goes, that’s a given as it’s comfy and as I’ll be doing a lot of walking the shorts will definitely be used more often that’s for sure!


Dresses are the best thing ever, simply because the less time I have to wear pants such as jeans means that I’ll be super happy. So I’ll be bringing two dresses, one in black, off the shoulder and one in a more fun summery print with lemons that is also off the shoulder and quite possibly my favorite dress ever. Yellow goes so well on my tan skin, and makes me happy 🙂


Now, I love rompers with all my heart. you get the best of both worlds: half dress with the comfort of shorts. I have a few cute ones that I’ll be bringing but i’m gonna try to limit myself to two, so I don’t bring too much.


Seeing that I get cold quite easily, I’ll be bringing a cardigan with me. I also have an excursion going up the Swiss Alps so I’ll be bringing a jacket that is light enough to fold but doesn’t take up too much space in my luggage.


As far as shoes go, I’ll be doing a lot of walking so comfort is key and I’ve bought a pair of black slip-on sneakers that I’ve broken in at work and they are so comfy! For two other options, I’ll be bringing a dressy pair of tie-up flats for nights out and for when I want to dress up a little bit. Sandals are also a necessity since it’s summer and I have a cute cognac colored pair I’ll be packing!


I have so many accessories to bring with me, such as jewelry, a solid hat, and two pairs of sunnies that I absolutely love. All in all, there’s not much to write since this category will probably be switched up by the time I actually leave haha as far as jewelry goes. The two sunnies I have look relatively close to the graphic.


I have two cross-body bags that I have for my trip, I’ve read so many articles that suggest keeping a bag close to you and never unattended.


Apps That I’ll Be Using On My Europe Trip!

Apps That I’ll Be Using On My Europe Trip!




Considering that I’ll be leaving for Europe in 24 days, I started doing research on the most important apps to have while traveling especially ones that don’t require internet access. I’ll be constantly moving and I’m opting to not pay for an international data plan for a 16 day trip. So therefore, I’ll be relying on wifi. I am so excited to even be going to Europe so I want to try and stay off of social media as much as possible so I can fully enjoy my trip.


I know that this one is a given and it makes it easier to see the current exchange rate, and works offline as long as you add the currency prior to going offline and it stays current. This goes without saying, it’ll be a life saver.


This one, is also offline like all the others and makes it easier to download my favorite spots I want to check out in each city I’m in.  I thought it was awesome, in that it has maps with your pinned favorites, and you can also look up eating options which is also great.


This by far has been my favorite find, this app literally tracks your spending and you can put in your total spending limit for your trip, and then it calculates what your daily spending limit should be. It’s absolutely amazing and will make it so much easier to track everything. It is free for the first 25 items, and then you can make an in-app purchase to record unlimited items. You can even add different currency’s to show how much your spending in a given country if need be. This app is going to be a huge lifesaver!


Since I’ll be going in the brunt of tourist season unfortunately, I have heard that the lines are going to be super long and tedious, of course tickets can be bought online but this app cuts out having to go from site to site in finding things to do when I have free time outside of the group. It even has local recommendations on where to eat and where to go. I mainly want it for recommendations on places to eat when I have free time in each country.



This one is a given, but I’m definitely going to be using google translate, I’ll be in Germany, Italy and Switzerland so I’ll be using the camera function to be able to understand what is around me. I’m not so worried about France because I understand French and won’t need it too often. I think it awesome that they now have the camera function. I can download the language packs, and as long as you have them downloaded prior to going offline, then it can be used anywhere.

European Road Trip

European Road Trip
The picture above was taken by me 🙂 on a plane to California back in July. 
My dream of traveling used to be such a far fetched idea, and I never thought it would happen..ever. mainly because of financial reasons and putting other things before travel. My dreams were answered because of EF College Break and it’s wonderful payment plan options. I cannot speak highly enough of the customer service of this company, and I have never had an issue getting ahold of someone whenever I had questions– and I have had quite a few before holding my spot on the trip I had chosen. I knew I wanted a semi longer trip, without going for the extreme 35 day Ultimate Europe trip so I decided on a 16 day European Road Trip reaching 7 cities in June. Which is exciting in itself and also completely daunting at the same time, making EF absolutely appealing since I don’t have to lift a finger in planning my first European adventure. Because I am a worrier, it took me a little bit to convince myself of booking my trip through EF but after countless hours of researching and watching videos, reading blog posts, etc. I knew I had to book through them. The most appealing feature was being able to hold my spot for the trip by only putting a $150 deposit and from that point forward starting a payment plan. Being a college student it’s extremely difficult to pull 4k out your butt (hence, why I never did study abroad in the 4 years I’ve been in school); EF made it affordable for me. They also have an awesome referral program as well, that makes it possible for your trip price to go down once someone books a trip or the same trip as you!
The awesome perks of booking through EF was that it took the stressful planning phase out of the whole ordeal, and I could spend the majority of my time just being excited about the trip. While the price of a trip may be daunting; it does include flights and these other wonderful things:
  • Accommodations 
  • All your city transfers are taken care of 
  • Once, you’re two months away from your trip they even create a private FB group so you can meet others going! ( most excited for this!)
  • Metro Pass is included in most major cities 
  • Attraction passes to popular sights is also included ( the Lourve, Sistine Chapel, etc)
  • Free breakfast
I don’t know about you but that saves me a whole lot of money knowing I don’t have to worry about getting to and from destinations, the metro pass and attraction passes is completely awesome because those could’ve added up in the 16 days I’ll be on the trip with EF.  EF also has the option for you to extend your trip by either coming before your trip starts or staying longer for your trip ( hell, or even adding another one of their trips on!). A friend and I added Rome for an extra 6 days which is going to be handled all on our own, minus the flight back home. So if you do plan on doing either, you are held responsible to getting to the country of choice and taking care of accommodations amongst other things you would like to do. We plan on staying in AirBnB while we are in Rome ( haven’t made concrete plans yet).  I think it cost me an extra $25 to extend it and change my flight back from Rome to the US. 
This is only part one of my EF college trip, Part two will be a detailed breakdown of what I plan on doing and what my itinerary through EF is like, plus the Rome extension on my own. I’ll be back to review the trip and company as a whole along with a bunch of other posts about the trip once I get back as well! 
If you’re worried about taking a leap, I say go for it! traveling is good for the soul <3