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    Venice, Italy Photo Diary

    Hey lovelies, I am back again after a mini hiatus (if you can call it that) and officially blogging full swing again. I recently got a new job and now that it is an actual full time job it was incredibly hectic to actually find time or energy to post. It was honestly to the point where blogging felt like a chore and I felt like I HAD to blog and it honestly should never feel that way; it should continue to be fun and I should feel like I’m grasping for air on blog topics. With that being said, I’m super happy to be back with yet another photo diary post of my travels this past July. This time I’ll be talking about Venice, and this is just a snippet of all the photos that I have in my possession ( I have so much more!). I hope you all enjoy them and hope I am able to capture the precsence of Venice in my photos for you guys. I genuinely loved this city and had some apprehension about visiting because of the time of year; but it certainly won me over and my only wish was that we should have had more time in this city. I thoroughly enjoy writing these honestly because it makes me reminisce about my trip and I get to go back through all of my photos of each country. It makes my wanderlust even more rampant! So, Click below and see my 48 hours in Venice!


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