Fenty Beauty Review!

I’m so excited to share my opinions of the new Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation and The Fenty Killawatt Highlighter duo. This collection by Rhianna was released early September and literally took the beauty world by storm. Foundation is incredibly hard to get right and she managed to release 40 shades in the first release of her new line, which in itself was absolutely incredible. It is incredibly hard for darker skin tones to find inclusive shades and I’m so happy that it is now readily accessible and is a stepping stone to more and more shades to be created and for more lines to branch out.

I always have difficulty with tan-olive shades that have too much yellow, or too much red and it is absolutely infuriating since I have very neutral undertones.  Ultimately I really do love this collection but I do think that there are some things that could be improved upon but this company is still pretty new so that’s a given.


The price range of this collection is pretty standard and average in relation to other companies that are sold in Sephora. The foundation is priced at $34 and is said to be oil-free and resistant to humidity and also sweat. I always take description with a grain of salt since I have extremely oily skin and will always put a foundation to the test of a full 8hr work day in order to see the wear. Haha half the time it slides off my face in about 4hrs and I feel like an oily blob.

This foundation I will say does oxidize really bad so go a shade lighter than you think you are because if I had gone with one shade darker I’d be so orange unfortunately. I know that a few beauty gurus have mentioned the oxidization so I definitely wanted to express that as well, since it happened to me.

Overall I did like this foundation it just didn’t withstand the test and I did two tests. One without a primer and one with primer. Of course tragically lol the test without primer was awful and the foundation creased into my laugh lines and made my pores look massive. 😞. Which is a given, I didn’t want to buy the Fenty Primer but maybe I should have. What are your thoughts? Should I go ahead and buy it?

My thought on it with a primer it definitely lasted a bit longer but I still had to blot throughout the day and even then I lost coverage. It still creased and lasted about 4hrs as well.

The coverage is definitely medium to full coverage, I love a full coverage foundation so I built up the foundation to give me that kind of finish but if you love a light-medium coverage it looks beautiful that way as well. It’s incredibly light and you definitely won’t feel like you have foundation on your face.
Overall I do love the foundation, I think the packaging is gorgeous and the overall finish of it is great but honestly it only is workable if you have a matte primer and Matte setting spray if you have oily skin. It’s definitely something that I will have to test out with different mattifying products to get my desired look.

As far as the highlighters go, Fenty Beauty has two single highlighters that includes the pivotal “Tropy Wife” shade that everyone loves. Then there are 4 duo shades and I picked up the gold duo set with a beautiful metallic gold named “Hu$tla Baby” which I bought because of Jordan Libscome on YouTube who is my fave Guru babe as of late 😍

I have no complaints, this duo has a subtle shimmer shade and a more vivid highlighter for those that like a brighter shimmer. The killawatt highlighters are $34 as well, which is average for other highlighters that are sold in Sephora and are higher end products.

I wish that Hustla baby was its own shade alone because it’s such a gorgeous shade that I want a full pan of it lol. If you spray your fan brush(if you have one) with setting spray and brush the highlighter on that way, you can get a brighter pop that looks amazing 😍🔥.

Over all these products are great and pretty reasonable for the price! I would say please give it a try and let me know what you think. Below is a picture without any filter to show you what the foundation looked like on me. They are great products and they have so many shades available to choose from. Please comment below if you loved the foundation and which highlighter you wanna buy! ❤️

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