Hello lovely’s, I’m back with another photo diary but this time it’s of Innsbruck, Austria. We only had about 2 hours in Innsbruck on our way to Venice, which was a bit unfortunate since I thought this city was absolutely beautiful and the people were so nice! I wanted to get lost in the city but by the time we managed to find an atm, took pictures, and got iced “coffee” it was already time to go. The weather was gorgeous and it was a blast walking around. The pictures below are a snippet of what I got to see in Innsbruck

The buildings in the towns center were gorgeous and so pretty to photograph

Also, the reason there is a quotation around “coffee” above is because while it was coffee, it wasn’t really iced per say; it had a scoop of vanilla ice cream and coffee with chocolate. Didn’t give us much energy but it sure was good!

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