How crazy is it that we are upon a new year already?! I feel as though this year has flown by and I have done so much within this year and feel incredibly happy with everything that I was able to accomplish. I got my mental health under control finally, I have a job that pays well ( even though I am finding a new one), I travelled to NY and 7 countries in Europe and graduated from college with my Bachelors degree.

This year has been such a stressful, wonderful one and I have lost friends as well as gained some amazing people in my life who I absolutely adore, ( you know who you are)

I have few resolutions and goals that I would like to achieve this coming up year:


  1. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE – My love and I want to buy a house by this time next year (2019) so I need to get on a budget without compromising my makeup addiction haha
  2. Go back to school possibly – a bit iffy on this one but I may go back to be a teacher.
  3. Eat and drink more healthy – I’ve neglected my body this year and am ready to get back at it.
  4. Continue to be social- wine nights with the girls must be a continuous thing.

As far as resolutions and goals go I believe that may be it for me this coming year in 2018. I’ve learned less is more and these goals are all very realistic and achievable. Hopefully, I’ll get engaged and have my little home by the end of this time next year. My goals and wants have become very important to me seeing as I’m ready to get my adult life started at 23. I just know that 24 is gonna be my best year yet!



What are some of your goals for next year? comment below and let me know if you are determined to get those resolutions completed!


Hope you all have a wonderful New Years!

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