Venice, Italy Photo Diary

    Hey lovelies, I am back again after a mini hiatus (if you can call it that) and officially blogging full swing again. I recently got a new job and now that it is an actual full time job it was incredibly hectic to actually find time or energy to post. It was honestly to the point where blogging felt like a chore and I felt like I HAD to blog and it honestly should never feel that way; it should continue to be fun and I should feel like I’m grasping for air on blog topics. With that being said, I’m super happy to be back with yet another photo diary post of my travels this past July. This time I’ll be talking about Venice, and this is just a snippet of all the photos that I have in my possession ( I have so much more!). I hope you all enjoy them and hope I am able to capture the precsence of Venice in my photos for you guys. I genuinely loved this city and had some apprehension about visiting because of the time of year; but it certainly won me over and my only wish was that we should have had more time in this city. I thoroughly enjoy writing these honestly because it makes me reminisce about my trip and I get to go back through all of my photos of each country. It makes my wanderlust even more rampant! So, Click below and see my 48 hours in Venice!


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    August Ipsy Bag!


    Yet again, this post is going up almost at the end of the month but once again I had so much going on this week and weekend that today was the only time I had to post it! Hope you guys enjoy the peek into my Ipsy bag!

    Ughhh this month’s Ipsy bag is soo good. The bag this month is all about good vibes, and a carefree attitude. There were three different bags and I received the Good Vibes Only bag which is the one I wanted and it’s by far my favorite bag (this one and July). I think after this month I’ll be reviewing and asking for some different things, such as no more eyeshadows because I have so many of these little guys’ especially from TheBalm. I love them, I just keep receiving different ones but I want more blushes, etc. The brush is soo soft, and is 14$ and is now a brush brand that I will be purchasing from in the future. I absolutely LOVE the Paula Dorf Brow pencil, it’s literally so smooth and creamy and blends like a dream. The brush and the eyeliner pencil alone, made this months bag well worth it for the 10$ I pay every month. Also, can we talk about how great my photos are starting to look, compared to what they used to look like?!

    First Aid Beauty: Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

    theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Willkommen

    SUGAR Stroke Of Genius Heavy Duty Kohl – 01 Back To Black

    Firma Beauty: 103 Angled Contour Brush

    Paula Dorf Cosmetics: Mini Universal Brow Pencil in Taupe


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    Hello lovely’s, I’m back with another photo diary but this time it’s of Innsbruck, Austria. We only had about 2 hours in Innsbruck on our way to Venice, which was a bit unfortunate since I thought this city was absolutely beautiful and the people were so nice! I wanted to get lost in the city but by the time we managed to find an atm, took pictures, and got iced “coffee” it was already time to go. The weather was gorgeous and it was a blast walking around. The pictures below are a snippet of what I got to see in Innsbruck

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    Munich, Germany Photo Diary: Part Two

    Hey lovely’s, I’ve made a part two for my Munich Photo Diary and wanted to show you some more pictures that I took whilst in Germany. Below you’ll see the bridge where I stood to take the photo of Neuschwanstein Castle  Which was absolutely terrifying because any movement you could feel the bridge slightly swing, and it didn’t help that there were loads of people on it while we were there.

    We got to feed the baby ducklings and swans while we were at Lake Alpsee! Look how cute the babies are!

    Below is Hofbrauhaus which was absolutely great, the environment was definitely lively and very fun to be in.

    Spaetzle from Hofbauhaus, it was soo delicious and honestly I’ve been craving it since I got home!

    Blouse Shirts & Sweaters: Zaful Fall Wishlist


    So many of you who watch Youtube religiously know that there are so many videos of Zaful hauls and some are soo good that it’s shocking. I’ve bought from them on four different occasions and never had an issue, hence why I have a wishlist for fall including this Blouse shirt and sweater! Both items are so versatile and are classy for fall outfits and give me so much inspiration for the colder months!

    All items above are on Zaful and are all relatively cheap especially the bag which is only 33 usd! y’all it’s so pretty and just looks expensive. All products come with an area for reviews and for the most part customers put their own pictures of their purchases, so keep an eye out for those when making a purchase!

    Now, I’ve bought on four different occasions from Zaful and 3 of them have been swimsuit purchases ( I have an obsession and I’ve bought like 7 from them) from when I was planning for Costa Rica. All the bathing suits were great quality all but except some white bottoms which wasn’t a big deal.

    As far as this haul goes, I definitely need more sweaters and blouse shirts are great to be dressed up or down, whether it be with a pair of heels and some jewelry. You can find my wishlist items here:

    1. Chunky Sweater
    2. Striped Blouse Shirt
    3. Tassel Earrings
    4. Double Buckle
    5. Moon Watch
    6. Leather Bag

    Right now Zaful is having a back to school promotion where everyone gets free shipping worldwide!  All you would need to pay is shipping insurance which I recommend for every order placed with them, since it does take a while for your package to arrive you can keep tabs on your package! ( It does come from China so be patient!). You can also see any giveaways on their Zaful Blog as well as their promotions going on, so give that a check as well.


    This is a sponsored post for Zaful but all opinions are all my own, and I will be receiving a package from them with the sweater, belt, watch, and earrings from above in a later package, but the bag and blouse shirt I will definitely be purchasing as well!