Summer Adventures: Waterfall Edition

TN Waterfalls- Burgess Falls
Around the beginning of May, I was doing research on outdoor activities and things to do around Tennessee so I could get used to being outdoors and actually enjoying nature haha. I found out there are a lot of waterfalls (12 to be exact) after coming across this blog post on 12thandbroad that listed pretty much every waterfall known in Tennessee and does a really good job at explaining how the trails are and what each hike trail is like. The one my boyfriend and I went to was semi- easy, and absolutely beautiful. It’s a pretty easy hike- and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like to hike or the outdoors very much but i’m trying to get used to it; We went on a pretty day that was about 75 so not too hot (so no sweat haha). The hike takes you on three different levels; one being just a normal walk with water views and leads you to the smaller falls that are just as pretty and a short hike to the highest lookout point where you can see the biggest waterfall (both falls pictured above). Once you reach the biggest waterfall you have the option to get on the very top and look down if you choose (scary but we did it anyway and totally worth it). There are stairs going down so you can get to the bottom of the waterfall and take pictures which was awesome, If you go I would definitely wear sneakers so you can climb around at the bottom so you don’t slip on the rocks.  It was completely worth it and my summer plan is to atleast visit and see half of the waterfalls listed on the 12thandbroad website. 
Do you guys know any other outdoor ideas down south? If so, let me know in the comments so I can go on more adventures. 🙂 
Next stop is Cummins Falls!

Sephora, Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21 Collective Haul

Long post alert! 

The past few days I’ve been kind of going crazy (after paying the bills- of course) with shopping and picking up little things every few days or so. I went to Nashville recently and finally got to go inside a Sephora and I picked up three things, and picked up some stuff from Forever 21 and H&M but the things I purchased at H&M, I wont be posting cause they aren’t things I want to write about.
When it comes to Sephora, I’m super picky and unless I’ve done some research I won’t just splurge on an item especially when it comes to foundation ( I have oily skin so spending $30+ dollars on foundation seems pointless when unless I’ve been dying to try) Although the BECCA Ever-Matte Shine proof foundation is calling my name cause i sampled it and needless to say it is pretty amazing. Anyways, I purchased two of the Sephora brand face masks and will be doing reviews on them later (not sure about taking pictures with them on though) The red one is a pomegranate mask- which is an energizing mask and is much needed being a full time student and working every day! and the green one is a green tea mask and and we all know its for anti blemishes and to get rid of the oil that clogs the pores. Super excited about these and they were only 6$! I also bought this travel size Josie Maran Skincare kit and I’m super excited because it has pretty great reviews on sephora and Beautylish (which I’m on by the way). I wont rant to much about it because I plan on doing a separate post on this wonderful skincare kit in the future once I get in the habit of using it almost everyday. so be on the look out!

The few things I bought at Forever 21 were tank tops (a $1.50 a piece!) which I didn’t document because I’ve been wearing them and it’s just basic tank tops. I bought this cute kitty cat coffee/tea mug and when I saw it I had to have it! Seeing that I have long hair I bought a black little bow that I think now that I have blonde hair will show up perfectly. The creme lipstick is so nice and I’ve already taken pictures of it and sadly doesn’t have a name but there will be a blog post on it since it’s really pretty on.

To say I’m obsessed with TJMaxx is a huge understatement, I’m absolutely in love with it and recently picked up a few things while I was there ( and there’s a special post that I’m writing that has two wonderful dream things I found and splurged on at TJ maxx! :3). I found a bran that pretty much look like dupes for the Soap & Glory Brand that I am desperately am dying to buy and will most likely splurge on them at a later date, The box has 4 travel sizes of bath products that I can review later take pictures of individually (cause the bath soak is amazing and has a nice subtle smell to it), I also bought a Moisture Mask, since I’m all about trying to take better care of my skin. I fell in love with these false eyelashes from the Vintage Cosmetic Company, so hopefully they are easy to apply and look natural. The candle is called Awaken and it smells WONDERFUL ( i have a candle addiction as well, you’ll notice that later)

Hope you lovlies enjoyed my collective haul and hopefully you’ll be on the lookout for reviews on certain things posted! be sure to subscribe and follow me on bloglovin if you can! 

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Mask Review

Before I had my hair dyed to my ombre I decided to deep condition my hair so when it was bleached my hair wouldn’t end up being super damaged, and miraculously my hair is healthy and incredibly soft. There are plenty of hair masks on the market both high-end and drugstore; each with the same goal in mid: Soft, lustrous hair. I’m going to link a few higher end masks that can be bought at both Ulta and Sephora, but also will be including a few drugstore once I can get to either and take a smell of some! ( I wouldn’t want to recommend a product that smells awful) along with my Neutrogena that I will be reviewing for you guys.

Let me start off by saying that this hair mask smells ten times better than any of the other drugstore  mask I’ve smelt, and how do I know that you ask? I literally smelled all of the ones that Ulta carries in the lower price range. ALL of them (at least in my Ulta where I live) and none of them came close to the smell of this one except for maybe one or two and I can link you to the two. It makes my hair smell like I had just got it done at a salon, and makes my hair super soft.

Before I dyed my hair I used this product and it did make it feel a little weird and I think that was because it is typically meant for chemically treated or colored hair which I had neither so I am positive that’s why but it worked wonders for when I finally went to get it bleached. I then used it on my hair today for the week- and straightened my hair and it looks so HEALTHY! The product has three natural extracts which are: Olive, Meadowfoam Seed, Sweet Almond. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone thinking of dying their hair lighter or even coloring their hair in general or especially if you have super dry hair that needs extra moisture.

Taking the Leap- Brown to Blonde Ombre

So for the past few months I’ve been deciding on whether or not I wanted to do a blonde ombre on my naturally dark brown hair and I have made the decision to make the leap… TODAY actually. Needless to say I was absolutely terrified! I had been looking everywhere for ideas on what shade of blonde I wanted to go (thank you Pinterest!), and this is how it came out as a final product:

I am absolutely over the moon with how the color turned out and how well it blended. Thankfully, my hairdresser is incredible. I spent a total of four hours in the salon chair, which wasn’t too horrible since I had been so ecstatic about finally saying what the hell and full on dying my hair. I wanted a change from my normal hair that I’ve pretty much had since I was in the ninth grade in high school (which was 8 years ago- YIKES). Even though I had experimented with a subtle purple ombre that is pretty much the extent of any drastic change my hair has gone through. I cannot tell you how much research and thought I put into this hairstyle; I’m grateful for those who pushed me to try something new and go with the flow. 
I went ahead and included a before and after since you all do not know what I looked like before I had my hair change so here yah go <3

New Blog, New Year

Hey everyone!
I’ve had tried many times to keep up with a blog and have miserably failed at it time and time again for various reasons; whether it being because of school, work, of just out of plain laziness. so this time is a new year year and I’ll actually be taking the time to keep up with daily posts and even today there will be two posts in one day Due to me “taking the leap” on finally dying my hair blonde for my ombre. Which is super exciting.