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    Daily Skincare Routine

    Growing up, I had acne and hardly ever took care of my skin and struggled with cystic acne more than anything which is a pain in the ass to begin with. I can always remember never being happy with my skin, as it scars extremely easy. When I say that I have literally used every acne product on the market and nothing ever worked..even Proactive. I mean it. My parents bought everything under the sun and it was so infuriating because I have sensitive, oily skin. Now that I’ve recently turned 23 I’ve been trying to focus on my skincare routine and once again, trying to find products that work are easier now that I can try more expensive products. Thankfully, my daily routine isn’t too expensive and I’ve found what works for me at the moment. My skin at the moment feels wonderful and blemish free to where I can finally feel comfortable without any makeup.


    While I’ve said I have oily skin, the cleanser I use, was actually in my Ipsy bag one month (not sure which one) and even though this particular cleanser is meant for Normal to Dry skin, it honestly doesn’t dry my skin out, it is so clean and has a gelatin like substance. I absolutely love the fact that it doesn’t have a strong scent and is extremely gentle on the skin. The brand is H2O+ Beauty and the cleanser is 20$ which is absolutely reasonable. it is absolutely my favorite.

    Another one of my holy grail skincare items so far is the Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Treatment. This stuff is absolutely incredible! I will swear on this stuff up and down, and it’s ability to clear the skin within a day or two. I picked this up at ULTA and it was only 5$ to try it out, along with the body wash version for my boyfriend and that is also incredible. The fragrance is there, and the tingle makes the wash really feel as though it’s working and cleaning my skin. I definitely am picking up the bigger bottle up and possibly expanding into the entire collection.


    Once, I’m done cleaning my face I use two products on my skin to keep it moisturized and that’s the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack hydrogel and the Dirty Works 3 in 1 Miracle Cream. Now, I will say this: I’m not entirely sure where to get the Dirty Works cream other than TjMaxx, they have a ton of that brand there and there’s always some of this stuff. I really enjoy the Miracle cream just because it is extremely hydrating and gentle on my skin with a hint of a fragrance. There’s not much to it other than the fact that I think it was like 5$ honestly.

    The Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack hydrogel is a god send, I swear. No matter how tired I am it, if I use this right before bed; my eyes are not puffy or bloated underneath at all. It’s the most expensive of all the products minus my Vanity Planet bush at 16$. I really love how thick this product is and how smooth it goes on, other than that there’s also not much to say other than it definitely does what it’s marketed to do!


    Now this is the most expensive part of my skin care routine and honestly the most worth it. I’ve been wanting the Clarisonic Mia for the longest time, and when I saw this Vanity Planet one on Hautelook for 25$ I had to have it immediately. The brush comes in a kit of three different heads that all clean the face differently and comes in a storage case. Normally the set costs about 129$ so now you know why I acted without hesitating! It is definitely rougher than the Clarisonic but if you let the brush kinda do its own thing then it is fine. Honestly in the meantime of not having the MIA the VP one does the job: and thats to keep me from touching my face with my hands when I go to clean my face. I’ve noticed by cleaning my face with this brush it has honestly helped in clearing my skin. Even though I do love mine, I’m glad I got it on Hautelook for a lower price, because it’s really not worth the 129$ they would normally want for it (although they have it now on sale on their website for $39.99 . I will probably end up getting the Clarisonic Mia just because it’s more compact and is more gentle on the skin, (this is still a great alternative!)